West Coast Music Magazine – Issue 4 Out Now

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Issue 4 of the incredible ‘West Coast Music Magazine’ is out now for your pleasure.


  • Lee Ritenour; Exclusive interview from ‘Rit’, who talks about his early days getting established, his incredible success as a solo artist, working with other musicians including Dave Grusin & Bob James and what makes his new box-set collection so special.
  • Ed Motta; Jim Chamberlain experiences some Intergalactic moments with our man from Brazil.
  • Thierry Condor; Turning back the years to recall the golden era of west coast with his new album ‘So Close’. Interview and exclusive signed cd’s to be won in our summer competition.
  • Tom Snow; ‘Songs Of Innocence & Experience’ is the title of the legendary song writer’s guest playlist featured in this issue.
  • Marcus Liesenfeld; Featuring a rare interview with the man who keeps delivering wonderful  west coast compilations with his
  • Too Slow To Disco series.
  • Ed Greene; Barney Hurley catches up with one of his favorite drummers to talk about his session work on albums for Marvin Gaye, Barry White & Martin Omartian.
  • Diggin’ The Dollar Bins; In this month’s ‘Letter from America’, Jeff Boozer looks at the ups and  downs of tracking down vinyl gold in the U.S.
  • West Coast Smooth Lounge Chart; Whats hot in the world of west coast album releases.

Issue 4

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Gerard Kenny: Living On Music (1980)

Second album from a little appreciated artist, who had a hit with ‘New York, New York’ and sang ‘Made It Thru The Rain’ before Bazza, both from his previous album ‘Made It Thru’ The Rain’.

I managed to crib this album from @Late For The Sky’ before it dropped off and I’m pleased that I did. It’s a really fun album. I’m not sure that you would get away with a  song like ‘Jailbait’ nowadays though!


Producer: Christopher Neil


Guitars : Phil Palmer

Bass : Mo Foster

Keyboards : David Cullen, Gerard Kenny, Billy Layall

Drums : Peter Van Hooke

Percussion : Frank Riccotti

Background vocals : Dominic Bugatti, Allan Carvel & Christopher Neil


  1. You’re The Best
  2. Fantasy
  3. Sucker For Love
  4. The Crime That Pays
  5. April’s End, Buckinghamshire, England
  6. Southern Comfort
  7. Maggie
  8. Jailbait
  9. Getting To Know Each Other
  10. Living On Music

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Felix Cavaliere: Castles In The Air (1979)

Nice piece of Blue Eyed Soul from the ex-frontman if The Rascals, and even features Eddie and David Brigati from the same group on backing vocals. Also featured are other top shelf artists like Steve Jordan, Buss Feiten, Will Lee and Randy Brecker, as well and David Lasley, Arnold McCuller and Luther Vandross on backing vocals.

Its a good album with a nice lazy, laid back feel to it. the opening track ‘Good To Have Love Back’ is fantastic.


Producers: Felix Cavaliere and Cengiz Yaltkaya


Drums: Steve Jordan, Steve Ferrone
Guitars: Hiram Bullock, Steve Khan, Vinnie Cusano, Buzzy Feiten
Keyboards: Felix Cavaliere
Synthesizer: Ed Walsh
Bass: Will Lee, Neil Jason, Gene Santini, Marcus Miller
Percussion: Raphael Cruz
Horns: Marvin Stamm, George Young, Seldon Powell, Barry Rogers, Ronnie Cuber, Randy Brecker
Background Vocals: Eddie Brigati, David Brigati, David Lasley, Lynn Pitney, Arnold McCuller, Luther Vandross, Diva Gray, Annie Sutton



1. Good To Have Love Back

2. Only a Lonely Heart Sees

3. All or Nothing

4. Castles In The Air

5. People got To Be Free

6. Dancin’ The Night Away

7. Love Is The First Day Of Spring

8. Outside Your Window

9. Don’t Hold Back Your Love

10. You Turned Me Around


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Trade Winds a mix by Robert E Lee

Here’s a really lovely mix from Robert E Lee on Mixcloud. I’ve been listening to it this morning and it’s got a fantastic vibe… Robert says it best though…

“The sounds of distant conga drums and soft flutes drift on the breeze, mingling with the smell of wood smoke and sassafras. Barefoot children play in the sand, lovers lounge in white cotton and a bearded holy man strums an old guitar, watching the sun set over the water. It could be Laurel Canyon, a commune in rural Appalachia, the deserts of Morocco or a secluded hacienda in Ibiza, it’s a feeling rather than a location; a vibe not a scene. What do we call this feeling? Groovy West Coast Folk Rock? Hippie Balearica? Sunset AOR? Who knows, just let it wash over you and take another drag…”


Rick Bowles: Free For The Evening (1982)

Of Rick Bowles’ two albums, this is my favourite. The other one (No Man’s Land [1984]) is good, but this pips it. I often find that with debut albums. Maybe it’s because the artist has more time to write the songs for a debut? Who knows.

Apart from the great songs, another plus is that Robert Byrne and Brandon Barnes also perform on the album, having released their own album the year before. Nonetheless, this is a nice album. give it a try.


Producer: Ted Daryll

Drums: Andy Newmark, Brandon Barnes, Bob Ryley
Bass: Tom Wolk
Guitars: Robert Byrne, Tom Wolk, Nicky Moroch, Rick Bowles
Piano: Richard Putman
Percussion, Pancho Ramon, Ray Bardani
Synthesizer: Ted Daryll
Background Vocals: Robert Byrne, Brandon Barnes, Kim Carlson


  1. Too Good To Turn Back Now
  2. (Tonight I’ll Be Your) Fool Again
  3. Your Loss
  4. Eagle And The North Wind
  5. So Far So Good
  6. Listen To Last
  7. Right
  8. Dragon Suite

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