Hi again. My previous post got me wondering if anyone out there has the CDs that I am looking for, or knows where I can buy any of them. At present, I am looking for:

MANDOO: Sweet Bitter Love
SMOOTH REUNION: Scandinavian Bus Mentality
THE NORWEGIAN FORDS: Somewhere Down The Road You’ll Listen

Anything you can do to help would be great. Incidentally, I already have copies of these albums, I’m looking for the original CDs.


Smooth Reunion: Cleaning Up The Business (2008)

So, here’s a great album. Smooth indeed, in a Steely Dan style. The album came out in 2008, after the release of the ‘Scandinavian Bus Mentality’ EP the previous year. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ve heard anything from either of these guys since. This is a great pity, this is a fantastic album and I can’t help feeling they would be hugely popular in today’s Yacht Rock fraternity.

This is the Japanese version of the CD, so there is an extra track (#11) at the end called ‘The Believer’s Key’.

Incidentally, I am looking for the aforementioned ‘Scandinavian Bus Mentality’ EP. If anyone out there has an original CD that they would be willing to sell to me, or knows where I can get one, please get in contact.


Producers: Josef Melin and Samuel Andrè

Drums: Samuel Andre
Bass: Josef Melin, Staffan Andersson
Guitars: Josef Melin
Piano: Robin Gothberg
Keyboards: Josef Melin
Percussion: Samuel Andre
Sax: Martin Svanstrom
Horns: Albin Grahn, Emil Gothberg, Per Kopp
Lead Vocals: Josef Melin, Samuel Andre
Background Vocals: Agnes Grahn, Annika Gustafsson, Ina Backendahl, Alexander Eriksson

2. Future Offence
3. When You Hit That 6th Note
4. Video Band
5. Mr. Mullet
6. A Very Symmetrical Face
7. Career Thoughts
8. The Connection
9. You’re Out of The Business
10. Difficult/Dangerous/Beautiful

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i-Ten: Taking A Cold Look (1983)

Hi, I’m back. At least for the mean time anyway. Angel persuaded me to give the site another go after two years away. I’ll be posting (hopefully) every weekend. Let’s see how we go anyway….

I thought I would start again with a real classic. This album was, essentially, an advert for the song writing of Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly. They went on to have some major success together and on their own and they wrote ‘Like a Virgin’ for Madonna, for example, as well as REO Speedwagon, Cyndi Lauper, the Bangles, Whitney Houston, Divinyls, The Pretenders, Celine Dion and Demi Lovato.

Tom Kelly retired from music in the 1990s, leaving Billy Steinberg to collaborate with other songwriters. However, they left this juicy little masterpiece for us to marvel over…. You might recognise one or two of the tracks as many of them have been covered.


Producers: Keith Olsen & Steve Lukather

Tom Kelly : Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals
Billy Steinberg : Guitar & Vocals
Steve Lukather : Guitars, Keyboards, Synthesizers & Solos
Chas Sandford : Rhythm Guitar
Alan Pasqua & David Paich : Keyboards & Synthesizers
Steve Porcaro : Synthesizers & Programming
Peggy Sandvig : Synthesizer
Richard Page : Backing vocals
Dennis Belfield : Bass
Mike Baird : Drums & Percussion
Lenny Castro : Percussion

1. Taking A Cold Look
2. Quicksand
3. Alone
4. Workin’ For A Lovin’
5. Lonely In Each Other’s Arms
6. I Don’t Want To Lose You
7. Time To Say Goodbye
8. The Easy Way Out
9. I’ve Been Crying
10. Pressing My Luck

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Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti (1982)

A bit of a classic here.

There are six percussionists on this album and that is important because the whole album is about rhythm as, I guess, Brazilian music in general is about. It’s certainly integral anyway. Great tracks include ‘Raton’ and ‘Jorgea Corisco’.

I love this album, but give it a listen and see what you think?


Producer: Max Pierre


  1. Jorgea Corisco
  2. No Bom Sentido
  3. Aleluia
  4. Raton
  5. Pret-à-porter
  6. Squash
  7. Eva
  8. Fã Sustenido
  9. Zé Piolho
  10. Baila Comigo/Festa Braba
  11. Ginga
  12. Alegrias

Electric Piano, Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer, Vocals, Vocoder: Robson Jorge

Electric Piano, Piano, Synthesizer, Synthesizer, Sequenced By: Lincoln Olivetti

Percussion: Peninha, Mamao, Paulinho Braga, Picolé, Ariovaldo, Renato Britto

Bass: Jamil, Paulo Cezar

Saxophone: Oberdan, Leo Gandelman, Zé Carlos

Trombone: Serginho

Trumpet: Bidinho, Marcio Montarroyos

Backing Vocals: Reginaldo, Ronaldo, Tony Bizarro, Zé Carlos, Serginho

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Positive Force feat. Denise Vallin (1981)

“Monster R&B soul rarity, private press LP. This is Holy Grail type stuff here, only a handful produced.” Popsike

Not to be confused with the Positive Force of ‘We Got The Funk’ fame, but they do pedal a very pleasant style of Soul Funk that is well executed and catchy as a harpoon aimed at a barrel of fish. They remind me, a little bit, of Seawind with their funk music and Denise’s Pauline Wilsonesque vocals.


Producer: Steve Russell


  • Steve Russell: Guitar
  • Larry Kester: Keyboards
  • Bill Liston: Saxophone & Flute
  • Denise Vallin: Vocals


  1. Everything You Do
  2. Give Me A Sign
  3. I Think Of You
  4. Now Is Not The Time
  5. Put It In The Groove
  6. Take Some Time Out
  7. The One I Love
  8. Too Much Love
  9. Too Much Love (edit)
  10. You Told Me You Loved Me
  11. You Gotta Know