Robert Byrne: Blame It On The Night (1979)

One of the most popular posts on this site was the Byrne & Barnes classic “An Eye For An Eye”. So, here is Robert Byrne’s equally delightful platter “Blame It On The Night”, his only solo effort and which came before that collaboration. This album features the singing efforts of Mac McAnally and Lenny LeBlanc, but more importantly a bunch of fantastic tracks, all of which are winners. All killer, no filler.

He went on to produce the likes of The Pointer Sisters and Patti Austen, but sadly he was found dead at his Nashville, Tennessee house on June 27, 2005, having died of unknown causes.


Producers: Clayton Ivey and Terry Woodford

Drums: Roger Clark
Keyboards: Clayton Ivey
Bass: Bob Wray
Guitars: Robert Byrne, Mac McAnally, Larry Byron, Bill Hines, Dennis Clifton, Tippy Armstrong
Percussion: Tom Roady
Synthesizer: Clayton Ivey, Robert Byrne
Woodwinds: Jim Horn
Background Vocals: Mac McAnally, Lenny LeBlanc, Eddie Struzick, Marie Tomlinson

1. Baby Fat
2. Blame It On The Night
3. That Didn’t Hurt Too Bad
4. Pretend He’s Me
5. I Did It All For Love
6. No Love In The Morning
7. Tell Me It’s Over One More Time
8. Southern Gun
9. You And Me
10. She Put The Sad In All His Songs

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Boz Scaggs: Down Two Then Left (1977)

This album was always going to be a slightly tricky sell after the genius of ‘Silk Degrees’. For me this is not as good as that album or the one that followed it ‘Middle Man’, but it is still Boz Scaggs and it is still an excellent album.


Producer: Joe Wissert

Drums: Jeff Porcaro
Guitars: Jay Graydon, Ray Parker Jr., Steve Lukather
Bass: Scott Edwards, David Hungate
Piano: Jai Winding
Keyboards: Michael Omartian
Percussion: Bobbye Hall
Horns: Chuck Findley, Steve Madaio, Ernie Watts, Fred Selden, Don Menza, David Duke
Background Vocals: Carolyn Willis, Jim Gilstrap, John Lehman, Venetta Fields, Phyllis St. James, Myrna Matthews, Julia Tillman

1. Still Falling For You
2. Hard Times
3. A Clue
4. Whatcha Gonna Tell Your Man
5. We’re Waiting
6. Hollywood
7. Then She Walked Away
8. Gimme The Goods
9. 1993
10. Tomorrow Never Came

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Light Of The World (1980)

If you haven’t heard of this band before, then I can tell you that they, along with the likes of Level 42 and Freeez, were at the forefront of the UK Jazz Funk movement in the late seventies and early Eighties.

This the 1980 US version of the album with a slightly different track list to the original UK release. I include it here because it is so smooth. ‘Dreams’ is a particular favourite of mine.

Cover 2


Producer: Vincent Castellano


  • Paul “Tubbs” Williams: Bass Guitar, Percussion, Backing Vocals
  • Peter Hinds: Clavinet, Synthesizer
  • Everton McCalla: Drums, Syn Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
  • Nat Augustin: Guitar, Vocals
  • Neville McKrieth: Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
  • Gee Bello: Percussion, Vocals
  • David Baptiste: Saxophone, Percussion, Backing Vocals
  • Kenny Wellington: Trumpet, Percussion, Backing Vocals


  1. Swingin’
  2. Dreams
  3. Who Are You (Who Do You Think You Are?)
  4. Emergency
  5. Aspects
  6. Mirror Of My Soul
  7. Liv Togevver (The Greater London Funkathon)
  8. I’ll Always Love You

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Don Brown: Come On (1978)

This guy has only come to prominence in recent years after DJ Supermarkt did an edit of Don’s song “Hug On A Thrill”, from his first album and then Ursula 1000 did the same with this album’s “Shut The Door”, which seems to have disappeared off the internet. Then, in 2014, DJ Supermarkt put “Shut The Door” on his first “Too Slow To Disco” compilation. Most recently his track “Don’t Lose Your Love” has been featured on Light In The Attic Records compilation “Seattle Funk, Modern Soul & Boogie: Volume II 1972-1987”.

So, what do we know about Don. Simple answer: bugger all. We know he’s from Seattle and that he released two excellent solo albums in the late Seventies. After that he was part of BrownSmith (featured on this blog back in 2015) and Don & The Premiers back in the mid-Seventies. Seemingly, he sadly died in 2010. If anyone can tell me more about the man, I’d love to hear it.


Producer: Norman Durkee


Bass – Dan Dean

Backing Vocals – Denise Roselle, Pamela Moore & Trica Lynncheyenne


  1. Lucky Girl
  2. Shut The Door
  3. You Can Dance
  4. You’re My Love
  5. Red Handed Women
  6. Welcome Everybody
  7. Don’t Lose Your Love
  8. Sweet Face
  9. Jump Out The Nest

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Paul Brady: Trick Or Treat (1991)

This one might have passed you by. Produced by Gary Katz, the maestro behind many Steely Dan albums, and chock full of L.A. session musicians, this is a great album from the early Nineties. It’s very laid back.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with him, Paul Brady is an Irish folk singer by trade, so I suspect that his record company at the time (Phonogram) sent him over to L.A. to produce a hit album as a return on their investment, something that happened a lot in those days.

However, this is no means an album by numbers. The songs are great and well worth your attention.


Producer: Gary Katz


Paul Brady: Vocals, Acoustuc & Electric Guitars, Mandolin, Piano, Keyboards, Tin Whistle, Drum Programming & Percussion

Jeff Porcaro: Drums & Percussion

Michael Landau: Electric Lead & Rhythm Guitars

David Paich: Piano & Keyboards

Freddie Washington & Jimmy Johnson: Bass

Paul Brady, Fonsie Thornton, Frank Floyd & Curtis King: Background vocals

Bonnie Raitt: Lead & Background vocals

Elliot Randall: Lead Guitar

Hugh McCracken: Harmonica

Betsy Cook: Keyboards

Paul Griffin: Keyboards

Billy Schlosser: Percussion


  1. Soul Child
  2. Blue World
  3. Nobody Knows
  4. Can’t Stop Wanting You
  5. You And I
  6. Trick Or Treat
  7. Don’t Keep Pretending
  8. Solid Love
  9. Love Goes On
  10. Dreams Will Come

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Charlie Dore: Listen (1981)

This album is in my top ten albums of all time. It’s great! The songs are fantastic, the singing is brilliant, the production by Stewart Levine is exemplary and the musicianship is near perfect, as you would expect from one of the best line ups ever assembled.

Favourite tracks are the title track and the understated “I’m Over Here”.


Producer: Stewart Levine

Drums: Jeff Porcaro
Bass: Mike Porcaro
Guitars: Steve Lukather, Caleb Quay
Keyboards: Robbie Buchanan
Synthesizers: Robbie Buchanan, Ian Underwood
Percussion: Jeff Porcaro, Lenny Castro, Victor Feldman
Background Vocals: Donny Gerrard, Carl Graves, Jay Gruska, Charlie Dore

1. Listen
2. Do Me A favour – Don’t
3. You Should Hear (How She Talks About You)
4. Falling
5. Don’t Say No
6. Wise To The Lines
7. I’m Over Here
8. Like They Do It In America
9. Sister Revenge
10. Didn’t I Tell You

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Michael Cruz: The Heart Never Forgets (1981)

This is a great album of Blue Eyed Soul but appears to be Michael’s only release. To be honest, I’ve been unable to find out much about him and had to load the track below onto YouTube myself as none of the tracks from this great album are on there.

This version of the album comes with five bonus tracks for you to enjoy.


Producers: Michael Cruz, J. James Jarrett

Drums: Tom Cochan, Jim Hines, Ira Walters
Bass: Jeff Steele, Adonis Hampton, Greg Mitchell, Phillip Scott
Guitars: Nick Brown, Kenny Allen
Keyboards: Jae Jarrett
Percussion: Tom Cochan
Horns: Jimmy Carter, Steve Eisen, David Jamarillo
Background Vocals: Victoria Reid, Holly Rutheford, Beth Lawrence, Debbie Swanson, Kathy Brown

1. Long Time, No Love
2. This Time
3. When We Make Love
4. The Heart Never Forgets
5. You Got Me Lovin’ Overtime
6. Late Late Show
7. A Heart Is Broken Every Minute
8. Only Game In Town (bonus)
9. Joy (bonus)
10. No Pity (bonus)
11. Never Again (bonus)
12. Late Late show (“Enciendeme”) (bonus)

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