Angeles: Fade In Love (1991)

Another album of J-Pop or City Pop (call it what you will) covers, recorded in Los Angeles (get it?), played by western musicians and sung by western artists. This time its the turn of the Japanese band Off Course, who I like very much.

Tucked away at the end of the album is a great track ‘Sayonara’ sung by Joseph Williams. Its a gem. Having said that, the whole album is really slick and easy on the ear.


Producer: Kaz Masumoto

Guitars: Michael Landau
Keyboards, Hammond, Arranger: Brett Raymond
Drums: Gregg Bissonette, Richie Hayward, James Kottak
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa, Sean Yarbrough
Sax: Dave Koz
Strings: Peter Kent, Sid Page, Bob Becker
Lead Vocals: Peter Beckett, Gene Miller, Brett Raymond, Joe Retta , Joseph Williams
Background Vocals: Tom Keane, Marc Jordan, Brett Raymond, Joe Retta & Joseph Williams

1. Prologue (instrumental)
2. Don’t Stop The Love (Peter Beckett)
3. This September Feeling (Gene Miller)
4. Eyes In The Back Of My Heart (Brett Raymond)
5. Sleepless Night (Joe Retta)
6. Endless Nights (Brett Raymond)
7. Yes-No (Joe Retta)
8. My Wish (Gene Miller)
9. Sayonara (Joseph Williams)
10. Epilogue (instrumental)

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Tatsuro Songs from L.A. 1 & 2 (1990 & 1991)

I had some positive feedback about my Noriyuki Makihara posts, so I thought people might like these two albums as well. This time the ‘western’ treatment gets given to a bunch of songs by Tatsuro Yamashita.

Voclaists that take a turn are Joseph Williams, Philip Bailey, Tom Keane and Maxine & Julie Waters. These are really nice albums, that interpret these great songs sympathetically and tastefully.


CoverSongs From L.A. 1 (1990)

Guitars: Michael Thompson, James Harrah, Tim Pierce
Keyboards: Tom Keane, Steve Goldstein
Bass: Neil Stubenhaus
Drums: John Robinson
Horns: Gary Grant, Lew McCreary, Bill Reichenbach
Sax: Marc Russo, David Koz
Background Vocals: Yvonne Williams, E. Wolfgram

1. Christmas Eve (Joseph Williams)
2. Sparkle (Elizabeth Wolfgram)
3. Touch Me Lightly (Dianne Reeves)
4. Windy Lady (Philip Bailey)
5. Your Eyes (Dianne Reeves)
6. The Whispering Sea (Elizabeth Wolfgram)
7. The Girl In White (Tom Keane)
8. Lady Blue (Tom Keane)

Songs From L.A. 2 (1991)

Producer: Kaz Masumoto

Guitars: Tim Pierce, Michael Thompson, James Harrah
Bass: Neil Stubenhaus
Keyboards : Steve Goldstein, Kohtaro Horiuchi, H. Koizumi
Drums: John “JR” Robinson
Percussion: Rafael Padilla
Sax: Dan Higgins, Dave Koz, Marc Russo
Horns: Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach
Background vocals: Carmen Twillie, Julia & Maxine Waters

1. Get Back In Love (Joseph Williams)
2. Ride On Time (Gene Miller)
3. Merry Go Round (Philip Bailey)
4. Kokiatsu Girl (Gene Miller)
5. Saturday Is For Lovers (Maxine & Julia Waters, Carmen Twillie)
6. The Two Of Us -Futari- (Joseph Williams)
7. Wonderful Afternoon (Gene Miller)
8. Meditation (Gail Lopata Lennon)

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Noriyuki Makihara: Songs From N.Y. & Songs From L.A. (2007)

A twofer for you here. These are albums of music by Japanese artist Noriyuki Makihara sung by western artists such as Marc Jordan Richard Page, Bobby Caldwell, Robbie Dupree, Kim Carnes and the list of Westcoast megastars goes on. The musicians are of the top-notch session variety as well.

The idea is that ‘Songs From L.A.’ have a west coast feel and ‘Songs From N.Y.’ have a…. well, you get the idea. The result are albums of highly polished music with a Westcoast / poppy feel.

LA Cover

NY Cover

Producers: Nobuhito Ikehata & Kaz Masumoto

Keyboards: Tom Keane, Bob James, Timothy Drury
Guitar: Charlie Mangold, Aaron Fleming, Hiram Bullock, Michael Landau, Tim Pierce, Michael Konan
Piano: Don Grusin
Bass: Will Lee, Eric Stern, Nate Brown, Leland “Lee” Sklar, Noel Freeman, Justin Andres
Drums: Omar Hakim, Vinnie Colaiuta, Stephan Litownick, Larry Williams
Strings: Matt Funes, Alyssa Park, Eric Hosler
Background Vocals: Jill Dell’ Abate, Terry Wood, Bernadetta Barlow, Bill Cantos, Joseph Williams, Wendy Fraser, Jason Scheff, Justin Andres
and many, many more…

Songs From N.Y.
1. Star Ferry: Tom Keane
2. 24hr Supermarket: Nathan East
3. Such A Lovely Place: Frankie Jordan
4. Far Away, Far Away: Alex Ligertwood
5. Anytime I Want To: Stephen Bishop
6. Milk: Bill Cantos
7. Stripe!: Peter Beckett
8. Penguin: Kelly Keagy
9. Happy Dance: Mark Jordan
10. Tag Team: Richard Page
11. On This Winter Night: Jamie Jones

Songs From L.A.
1. Answer: Bobby Caldwell
2. Darling: Tommy Funderburk
3. Yes: George Duke
4. Love Letter: Jason Scheff
5. Under The Doogwood Tree: Robbie Dupree
6. It’s Clear Sky Again Today: Kim Carnes
7. You’re My Angel Falling…: Joseph Williams
8. Cause You’re My Treasure: Justin Andres
9. North Wind: Bill Champlin
10. Home Sweet Home: Timothy Drury
11. Red Nose Reindeer: Bobby Kimball

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Kikuchi Momoko: Oceanside (1984)

The sweet sounds of eighties City Pop from one of the lesser known exponents. Kikuchi Momoko was born just two days after me. Maybe that’s why I have such a connection with her music, but probably not. She also released another album called ‘Adventure’ in 1986 of equal quality.

If you like City Pop, you could do much worse than this. As always on here its smooth and silky.


1. Ocean Side
2. Shadow Surfer
3. Blind Curve
4. Summer Eyes
5. Futari No Night Drive
6. Seishun No Ijiwaru
7. Evening Break
8. So Many Dreams
9. I Will


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