Robert Byrne: Blame It On The Night (1979)

One of the most popular posts on this site was the Byrne & Barnes classic “An Eye For An Eye”. So, here is Robert Byrne’s equally delightful platter “Blame It On The Night”, his only solo effort and which came before that collaboration. This album features the singing efforts of Mac McAnally and Lenny LeBlanc, but more importantly a bunch of fantastic tracks, all of which are winners. All killer, no filler.

He went on to produce the likes of The Pointer Sisters and Patti Austen, but sadly he was found dead at his Nashville, Tennessee house on June 27, 2005, having died of unknown causes.


Producers: Clayton Ivey and Terry Woodford

Drums: Roger Clark
Keyboards: Clayton Ivey
Bass: Bob Wray
Guitars: Robert Byrne, Mac McAnally, Larry Byron, Bill Hines, Dennis Clifton, Tippy Armstrong
Percussion: Tom Roady
Synthesizer: Clayton Ivey, Robert Byrne
Woodwinds: Jim Horn
Background Vocals: Mac McAnally, Lenny LeBlanc, Eddie Struzick, Marie Tomlinson

1. Baby Fat
2. Blame It On The Night
3. That Didn’t Hurt Too Bad
4. Pretend He’s Me
5. I Did It All For Love
6. No Love In The Morning
7. Tell Me It’s Over One More Time
8. Southern Gun
9. You And Me
10. She Put The Sad In All His Songs

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Dick St. Nicklaus: Magic (1979)

I snaffled this one from ‘LFTS’ back last year, when it briefly reappeared, and I was glad that I did.

Initially sceptical, I found the album a little to ‘showy’ for my taste, but I have come to appreciate the style and can certainly see why people rave about it. It’s probably more ‘Blue Eyed Soul’ than Westcoast AOR, although there is definitely some crossover here.

This was requested by Andy. Enjoy Andy.


Producers: Dick St. Nicklaus and Velton Ray Bunch

Drums: Steve Schaffer
Bass: Leland Sklar
Guitars: Mitch Holder, Dick St. Nicklaus
Keyboards: Dick St. Nicklaus, Velton Ray Bunch, Bill Mays
Synthesizer: Dick St. Nicklaus, Ian Underwood
Percussion: John Kaye, Gary Coleman
Horns: Chuck Findley, James Horn, Pete Christlieb, Ernie Watts, Dick Hyde, Steve Madaio
Background Vocals: Jean Ann Chapman, Merry Green, Lisa Roberts, Scherrie Payne, Deborah Dennard, Tommy Webb, Freeman Cle

1. Magic
2. Help Yourself
3. What’s The Reason
4. Can’t Give Up
5. Our Goodbye
6. Born To Love
7. Sad Price To Pay
8. She’s My Music
9. Changing

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