Breeze: Breeze (1974)

Nice album here from an aptly named band. The music is very very bright and breezy.

I don’t know a lot about this band and I’m not sure that they ever produced any other albums (at least Discogs don’t list any others). Still, the self written tracks are pleasant and the covers are well selected and well executed.

The album was rereleased in 2012.


Producers: Buddy Scott & Herb Lovell


Ray Bardani: Drums

David Green: Keyboards

Lenny Guistino: Bass

Keith Hood: Electric Guitar & Vocals

Rick Amendola: Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

Ralph MacDonald: Percussion

Artie Jenkins: Percussion

String Arrangements : Bert Keyes


  1. Higher And Higher
  2. Make It With You
  3. Rosa
  4. For The Love Of A Lady
  5. We’ve Gotta Get You A Woman
  6. If I Never Saw Your Face
  7. You’ve Got My Love
  8. Jerusalem
  9. Morning At Daybreak
  10. Do You Believe In Magic

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Don Brown: Come On (1978)

This guy has only come to prominence in recent years after DJ Supermarkt did an edit of Don’s song “Hug On A Thrill”, from his first album and then Ursula 1000 did the same with this album’s “Shut The Door”, which seems to have disappeared off the internet. Then, in 2014, DJ Supermarkt put “Shut The Door” on his first “Too Slow To Disco” compilation. Most recently his track “Don’t Lose Your Love” has been featured on Light In The Attic Records compilation “Seattle Funk, Modern Soul & Boogie: Volume II 1972-1987”.

So, what do we know about Don. Simple answer: bugger all. We know he’s from Seattle and that he released two excellent solo albums in the late Seventies. After that he was part of BrownSmith (featured on this blog back in 2015) and Don & The Premiers back in the mid-Seventies. Seemingly, he sadly died in 2010. If anyone can tell me more about the man, I’d love to hear it.


Producer: Norman Durkee


Bass – Dan Dean

Backing Vocals – Denise Roselle, Pamela Moore & Trica Lynncheyenne


  1. Lucky Girl
  2. Shut The Door
  3. You Can Dance
  4. You’re My Love
  5. Red Handed Women
  6. Welcome Everybody
  7. Don’t Lose Your Love
  8. Sweet Face
  9. Jump Out The Nest

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Paul Brady: Trick Or Treat (1991)

This one might have passed you by. Produced by Gary Katz, the maestro behind many Steely Dan albums, and chock full of L.A. session musicians, this is a great album from the early Nineties. It’s very laid back.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with him, Paul Brady is an Irish folk singer by trade, so I suspect that his record company at the time (Phonogram) sent him over to L.A. to produce a hit album as a return on their investment, something that happened a lot in those days.

However, this is no means an album by numbers. The songs are great and well worth your attention.


Producer: Gary Katz


Paul Brady: Vocals, Acoustuc & Electric Guitars, Mandolin, Piano, Keyboards, Tin Whistle, Drum Programming & Percussion

Jeff Porcaro: Drums & Percussion

Michael Landau: Electric Lead & Rhythm Guitars

David Paich: Piano & Keyboards

Freddie Washington & Jimmy Johnson: Bass

Paul Brady, Fonsie Thornton, Frank Floyd & Curtis King: Background vocals

Bonnie Raitt: Lead & Background vocals

Elliot Randall: Lead Guitar

Hugh McCracken: Harmonica

Betsy Cook: Keyboards

Paul Griffin: Keyboards

Billy Schlosser: Percussion


  1. Soul Child
  2. Blue World
  3. Nobody Knows
  4. Can’t Stop Wanting You
  5. You And I
  6. Trick Or Treat
  7. Don’t Keep Pretending
  8. Solid Love
  9. Love Goes On
  10. Dreams Will Come

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Charlie Dore: Listen (1981)

This album is in my top ten albums of all time. It’s great! The songs are fantastic, the singing is brilliant, the production by Stewart Levine is exemplary and the musicianship is near perfect, as you would expect from one of the best line ups ever assembled.

Favourite tracks are the title track and the understated “I’m Over Here”.


Producer: Stewart Levine

Drums: Jeff Porcaro
Bass: Mike Porcaro
Guitars: Steve Lukather, Caleb Quay
Keyboards: Robbie Buchanan
Synthesizers: Robbie Buchanan, Ian Underwood
Percussion: Jeff Porcaro, Lenny Castro, Victor Feldman
Background Vocals: Donny Gerrard, Carl Graves, Jay Gruska, Charlie Dore

1. Listen
2. Do Me A favour – Don’t
3. You Should Hear (How She Talks About You)
4. Falling
5. Don’t Say No
6. Wise To The Lines
7. I’m Over Here
8. Like They Do It In America
9. Sister Revenge
10. Didn’t I Tell You

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The President: By Appointment Of (1983)

This is another album that’s on the cusp between Westcoast AOR and the harder mid-Eighties sound, which developed into melodic rock. At times it is reminiscent of Journey, Foreigner or Starship, but with a lighter touch.

Nonetheless it’s a good album with some good tunes played well. “You’re Gonna Like It” was released as a single and contains a Starbuck approved xylophone solo. They were a Dutch band, I believe, who released a second album in 1985 on CBS (Muscles) and then disappeared. Pim remerged some years later in a band called Valensia.

Anyway, see what you think.


Producers: Pim Koopman & Okkie Huysdens


Okkie Huysdens : Lead & Backing vocals
Pim Koopman : Synthesizers & Backing vocals
Hans Vermeulen : Backing vocals
Frank Papendrecht : Bass Guitar
Bas Krumperman : Acoustic & Electric Guitars


  1. Hot-Blooded Lady
  2. Workin’ Girl
  3. Makin’ Millionaires
  4. Don’t Put Me On Hold
  5. Turn Me On
  6. That’s The Way That It Is
  7. Only Once Is Enough
  8. You’re Gonna Like It
  9. Outland
  10. Goin’ Places

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Barry Manilow: Summer Of ’78 (1996)

I haven’t really explored cover albums before, but I found a few interesting ones recently that I’ve enjoyed very much. This is the first.

Of particular interest to Westcoast fans will be The Little River Bands ‘Reminiscing’, Paul Davis’ ‘I Go Crazy’ and probably ‘I’d Really Love to See You Tonight’ previously performed by England Dan & John Ford Coley. Having said that, Barry has also covered Leo Sayer, Michael Johnson and Firefall here so there is much to enjoy.

All the tracks are performed in Bazza’s usual bombastic, over the top style, with a modern twist much of the time, but he’s been wily enough to choose tracks that suit his approach, which makes for an enjoyable album. See what you think.


Producer: Barry Manilow & Michael Omartian


Keyboards: Barry Manilow, Michael Omartian, Tim Akers

Synthesizer: Barry Manilow, Blair Masters, Michael Omartian, Tim Akers

Piano, Electric Piano, Synth: Michael Omartian

Electric Guitar: Dann Huff, Jerry McPherson

Acoustic Guitar: Biff Watson

Guitar: Mike Brignardello, Tom Hemby

Bass: Jimmie Lee Sloas, Mike Brignardello, Tom Hemby

Drums: John Hammond, Paul Leim

Percussion: Eric Darken

Backing Vocals: Bonnie Keen, Chris Rodriguez, Marty McCall, Michael Mellett


  1. Summer of ’78
  2. Interlude: Love’s Theme (Barry White)
  3. Reminiscing (Little River Band)
  4. I Go Crazy (Paul Davis)
  5. When I Need You (Leo Sayer)
  6. The Air That I Breathe (Albert Hammond)
  7. Bluer Than Blue (Michael Johnson)
  8. We’ve Got Tonight (Bob Seger)
  9. I’d Really Love to See You Tonight (England Dan & John Ford Coley)
  10. Sometimes When We Touch (Dan Hill)
  11. Never My Love (The Association)
  12. Just Remember I Love You (Firefall)

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West Coast Music Magazine – Issue 4 Out Now

Hi world,

Issue 4 of the incredible ‘West Coast Music Magazine’ is out now for your pleasure.


  • Lee Ritenour; Exclusive interview from ‘Rit’, who talks about his early days getting established, his incredible success as a solo artist, working with other musicians including Dave Grusin & Bob James and what makes his new box-set collection so special.
  • Ed Motta; Jim Chamberlain experiences some Intergalactic moments with our man from Brazil.
  • Thierry Condor; Turning back the years to recall the golden era of west coast with his new album ‘So Close’. Interview and exclusive signed cd’s to be won in our summer competition.
  • Tom Snow; ‘Songs Of Innocence & Experience’ is the title of the legendary song writer’s guest playlist featured in this issue.
  • Marcus Liesenfeld; Featuring a rare interview with the man who keeps delivering wonderful  west coast compilations with his
  • Too Slow To Disco series.
  • Ed Greene; Barney Hurley catches up with one of his favorite drummers to talk about his session work on albums for Marvin Gaye, Barry White & Martin Omartian.
  • Diggin’ The Dollar Bins; In this month’s ‘Letter from America’, Jeff Boozer looks at the ups and  downs of tracking down vinyl gold in the U.S.
  • West Coast Smooth Lounge Chart; Whats hot in the world of west coast album releases.

Issue 4

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