Boz Scaggs: Down Two Then Left (1977)

This album was always going to be a slightly tricky sell after the genius of ‘Silk Degrees’. For me this is not as good as that album or the one that followed it ‘Middle Man’, but it is still Boz Scaggs and it is still an excellent album.


Producer: Joe Wissert

Drums: Jeff Porcaro
Guitars: Jay Graydon, Ray Parker Jr., Steve Lukather
Bass: Scott Edwards, David Hungate
Piano: Jai Winding
Keyboards: Michael Omartian
Percussion: Bobbye Hall
Horns: Chuck Findley, Steve Madaio, Ernie Watts, Fred Selden, Don Menza, David Duke
Background Vocals: Carolyn Willis, Jim Gilstrap, John Lehman, Venetta Fields, Phyllis St. James, Myrna Matthews, Julia Tillman

1. Still Falling For You
2. Hard Times
3. A Clue
4. Whatcha Gonna Tell Your Man
5. We’re Waiting
6. Hollywood
7. Then She Walked Away
8. Gimme The Goods
9. 1993
10. Tomorrow Never Came

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Al Jarreau: Jarreau (1983)

A classic coming your way. One of my top five albums of all time. Smooth, funky, mellow and that voice. I really shouldn’t have to say much about this, except that it includes one bonus track ‘Keep Callin’.


Producer: Jay Graydon

Drums: Jeff Porcaro, Steve Gadd, Grey Trevorson
Guitars: Jay Graydon
Bass: Abe Laboriel
Keyboards: David Foster, Robbie Buchanan, Michael Omartian, Tom Canning, Greg Mathieson
Synthesizer: David Foster, Michael Omartian, Steve George, Steve Porcaro, Tom Canning
Percussion: Victor Feldman
Horns: Jerry Hey, Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Bill Reichenbach, Lew McCreary
Background Vocals: Venetta Gloud, Bill Champlin, Richard Page

1. Mornin’
2. Boogie Down
3. I Will Be Here For You
4. Save Me
5. Step By Step
6. Black And Blues
7. Trouble In Paradise
8. Not Like This
9. Love Is Waiting
10. Keep Callin’

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Brian Elliott (1978)

This one is for my buddy Nick.

The album is littered with the usual line up of Westcoast stars and the songs are the typical Westcoast sound that I love. The song ‘Room To Grow’ can be found on DJ Supermarkt’s excellent first “Too Slow To Disco” compilation.

He went on to devote himself to full time production, which is a shame as this is a very strong album. Also, he wrote ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ as well. That’ll keep his swimming pool heated for a while.


Producers: Erik Jacobsen and Brian Elliot

Guitars: Larry Carlton, Fred Tackett, Lee Ritenour, Jay Graydon, Steve Beckmeier
Bass: David Hungate, Wilton Felder, Bob Glaub
Keyboards: Brian Elliot
Drums: Jeff Porcaro, Mike Baird, James Gadson, Gary Ferguson
Vibes: Victor Feldman
Horns: Anthony Terran, Julius Wetcher, Lew McCreary, Steve Madaio, David Wells, Seawind Horns
Background Vocals: Sherry Fox, Sue Richman, Valerie Carter, The Jones Sisters, The Waters

1. Let’s Just Live Together
2. Summer Nights In Hollywood
3. Queen Of Clowns (One For Lily T.)
4. Room To Grow
5. Tickets To Rio
6. The First Time
7. Seventeen Goin’ On Twenty-One
8. Old Nueva Laredo
9. Last Vegas Wedding
10. One Last Night Together

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Dane Donohue (1978)

Features some shit hot musicians and fantastic songs, which makes this an essential album for any lover of Westcoast AOR.  Apparently, before this album he was touring in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ but I have no idea what happened to him after this, his one and only album.


Producer: Terence Boylan with Jai Winding, Steve Hodge, John Boylan

Drums: Andy Smith, David Kemper, Steve Gadd, Ed Greene
Guitars: Larry Carlton, Dane Donohue, Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather
Bass: Jeff D’Angelo, Bob Glaub, Scott Edwards, Chuck Rainey, Mike Porcaro
Piano: Jai Winding, David Getreau, Victor Feldman
Percussion: Victor Feldman, Steve Forman
Sax: Ernie Watts
Horns: Steve Madaio, Chuck Findley, Slyde Hyde, Gary Herbig, Tom Saviano
Background Vocals: Don Henley, Stevie Nicks, J.D. Souther, Tim Schmit, Herb Pedersen, Tom Kelly, Bill Champlin


  1. Casablanca
  2. Dance With The Stranger
  3. What Am I Supposed To Do
  4. Woman
  5. Where Will You Go
  6. Freedom
  7. Can’t Be Seen
  8. Whatever Happened
  9. Tracey
  10. Congratulations

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