Modesty: Pieces of Modesty (1989)

Modesty were a Swedish band who seemingly only released this one album. It is a closest I’ve heard to a true amalgamation of Hi-Tech AOR and Westcoast AOR and done so seamlessly. I’ve seen it described variously as Electro-Pop, New Romantic, Synth Pop and Euro Pop. It is none of those things although it does come close on a couple of occasions.

The New Romantic label could be attributable to some of the song titles, which bear more than a passing resemblance to song titles from more succesful bands earlier in the decade. However you want to clasify it though, it’s a great album packed with great tunes, just as all albums should be…..


Producer: Modesty

Guitar, Backing Vocals: Pelle Nylén
Keyboards, Backing Vocals: Peter Ericson
Percussion, Drums: Kim Sundström
Bass: Rocco Ivarsson (track 7)
Backing Vocals: Frank Ådahl (tracks 4, 8, 15)
Backing Vocals: Madde Berg (tracks 2, 5, 13)
Backing Vocals: Åsa Meczynski (track 5)

1. Pieces Of Modesty
2. I Call For You
3. Don’t Forget Me
4. Standing Alone
5. Big Beat
6. Call Me Up
7. Say A Prayer
8. Too Late
9. Time For You And I
10. One More Broken Heart
11. Don’t Leave Until
12. Miranda

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