Trade Winds a mix by Robert E Lee

Here’s a really lovely mix from Robert E Lee on Mixcloud. I’ve been listening to it this morning and it’s got a fantastic vibe… Robert says it best though…

“The sounds of distant conga drums and soft flutes drift on the breeze, mingling with the smell of wood smoke and sassafras. Barefoot children play in the sand, lovers lounge in white cotton and a bearded holy man strums an old guitar, watching the sun set over the water. It could be Laurel Canyon, a commune in rural Appalachia, the deserts of Morocco or a secluded hacienda in Ibiza, it’s a feeling rather than a location; a vibe not a scene. What do we call this feeling? Groovy West Coast Folk Rock? Hippie Balearica? Sunset AOR? Who knows, just let it wash over you and take another drag…”


Hi-Tech AOR: An Ultramodern Retro Mix

What is Hi-Tech AOR?

Essentially, it’s AOR (Album Oriented Rock) heavily mixed with pop, using the modern (for the Eighties) technology of the day. Alex Craig describes it as “metallic sounding MIDI bass programming, twinkly Yamaha DX-7 synths, huge gated reverbs on drums and other over the top, flashy touches.” He also, mistakenly, describes it as a phenomenon exclusive to YouTube, which a cursory Google will show you is incorrect.

Many Westcoast AOR artists moved into the area for an album or two in the mid Eighties, artists such as Stephen Bishop, Marc Jordan  and Peter Cetera, probably in an effort to sound modern and ‘down with the kids’. It was also heavily used on soundtrack albums and, of course, ‘Miami Vice’. However, possibly the most famous album of this genre was Mr. Mister’s ‘Welcome To The Real World’.

Anyway, here’s a mix I have done of some of the more obscure songs and bands, just for your enjoyment. There may also be another one in the pipeline……


1. Miami Vice Theme: Jan Hammer
2. Too Late: Modesty
3. Nowhere Land: Time Gallery
4. Underground: Stablizers
5. What’s It Gonna Take: Glenn Medeiros
6. Stranger to Love: St. Paul
7. The Good Life: Dear Enemy
8. Back To The Sunshine: Freiheit
9. Touch & Go: La Manca
10. Heartbeat: Red 7
11. One of These Days: Toys Of Joy
12. Words Without Meaning: Channel 5
13. Life By Night: Life By Night
14. Jean Such A Scene: Jakarta
15. See You at Spargo: Valet Parking
16. Commissioner St.: 8 Seconds
17. Sleeping With Girls: Stephen Bishop
18. Someone Special: Kevin Raleigh
19. How Can We Believe: Keven Jordan
20. Up: Alan Gorrie
21. There Was A Time: One To One

Summer Beach Party Mix

Get ready for the sunshine this summer with this Beach Party Mix. Great tracks from Marvin Gaye, Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs, Toto, Peter Allen and others, all mixed seemlessly together to really get that beach party grooving along – man!

Beach Party Mix Cover
The full track list is:

1. Let It Ride (Paul & Price remix): Melissa Manchester
2. What Can I Say (Still The Buzz): Boz Scaggs
3. Dreams (Remix): Fleetwood Mac
4. Do It Again (Dan Spark’ys Balearic House Edit): Steely Dan
5. Summer In New York (Sounds of Soul Mix): Michael Franks
6. Razzamatazz (Sounds of Soul Retouch): Quincy Jones ft. Patti Austin
7. Grease Is The Word (Fry Ups Mix): Frankie Valli
8. Don’t Wish Too Hard (Betty Aus. Extended Edit): Peter Allen
9. Feelin’ Fuckin’ Real (Mel’s Edit): David Bendeth
10. Hazard (Javier Misa Booltleg Mix): Richard Marx
11. Let’s Groove (1981 Disco Purrfection Version): Earth, Wind & Fire
12. Africa (Diezeo Remix): Toto
13. Piano In The Dark (Kenny Summit’s Extended Beatdown): Brenda Russell
14. Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix): Marvin Gaye

New Sounds of the Westcoast

New WestCoast

Inspired by DJ Supermarkts comments about the influence of the Westcoast AOR sound on some of today’s bands and artists, I have produced a mix that I hope you will enjoy. It includes some of the bands that the afformentioned DJ namechecked (Chromeo, FM Attack, Rhye), some of the more obvious new exponents of the Westcoast AOR genre (Norwegian Fjords, Ed Motta, Sun Rai, Geyster) as well as some that I consider to be carrying the torch (The Pierces, First Aid Kit, Fleet Foxes).

Full tracklist is:

1. You’ll Be Mine (Xkuse Dance Remix): The Pierces
2. Jane (Eric Seed Italo Remix): Geyster
3. Get Lucky (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Edit): Daft Punk
4. Forever (Dan Lissvik Remix): Haim
5. Sex on Fire (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Edit): Kings of Leon
6. San Francisco Street: Sun Rai
7. Roscoe (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Remix): Midlake
8. Open (Rhode & Brown Edit): Rhye
9. Bridge & Tunnel (Midnight Magic Remix): Holy Ghost!
10. Baby (Ness is More Edit): Ariel Pink
11. Coeincidência: Ed Motta
12. Jealous (Jerry Folk Remix): Chromeo
13. Fade Away (Aimes Remix): FM Attack
14. Mykonos (Oscar Edit): Fleet Foxes
15. Surfing On The Sun: Norwegian Fjords
16. My Silver Lining (TelKin Remix): First Aid Kit

I’d love to hear you comments.

Summer Pool Party Mix

I’m really proud of this mix, but your may feel differently about it. It features some great edits and remixes of classic Westcoast AOR tunes from the likes of Ned Doheny, Robbie Dupree, Al Jarreau, Fleetwood Mac and Hall & Oates. Pool Party Mix Cover The full track list is:

  1.  Steal Away (Digital Visions Re-Edit): Robbie Dupree
  2. Garden Party (S.O.L. Brazil Mix): Mezzoforte
  3. Lovely Day (Deep2tronik Remix): Bill Withers
  4. Pick Up The Pieces (Charles Davos Edit): Average White Band
  5. I Can’t Go For That (Members Only Mix): Hall & Oates
  6. Long Train Running (Merino & Grana Rework): Doobies Bros
  7. On The Beach (Sample Gee Mint Mix): Chris Rea
  8. Sara (Ursula 1000 Rework): Fleetwood Mac
  9. September (One Love Bootleg): Earth, Wind & Fire
  10. Inside Your Love (N’Joy Remix): Leon Ware
  11. Gypsy (Remix): Fleetwood Mac
  12. Get It Up For Love (Quark’s Viaga Edit): Ned Doheny
  13. It’s How You Say It (DJ Juninho Mix): Al Jarreau
  14. The Boys Of Summer (Lord Of The Isles Re-Shape): Don Henley