Shakatak: Night Birds (1982)

Ok, so I said one album each week, but I thought two would be good to mark my return.

This is probably one of the best albums from one of my favourite groups. Features two hit singles “Easier Said Than Done” and “Night Birds”. It certainly cemented their reputation as one of the U.K.s premier Jazz Funk bands.


Producer: Nigel Wright

Drums: Roger Odell
Guitars: Keith Winter
Bass: George Anderson
Keyboards: Bill Sharpe, Nigel Wright

Percussion: Simon Morton

Horns: Stuart Brooks, Nigel Wright, Dick Morrissey
Vocals: Jill Saward, Jackie Rawe, Lorna Bannon


  1. Night Birds
  2. Streetwalkin’
  3. Rio Nights
  4. Fly the Wind
  5. Easier Said Than Done
  6. Bitch to the Boys
  7. Light on My Life
  8. Takin’ Off

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