Omega Sunrise: Run For The Night (1985)

Second album from this Jazz Funk combo.


Producer: Omega Sunrise

Debbie Seibert: Lead & Background vocals
Mark Seibert: Guitars, Keyboards & Vocals
Paul Thaxter: Drums
Reggie Turner: Keyboards & Keyboard Programming
Mike Berkowitz: Bass
Paul Natzke: Trombone & Keyboards
Dave Neece: Tenor & Alto Sax
Charlie Davis: Trumpet & Flugel Horn
Bob O’Donnell: Trumpet & Flugle Horn
Kim Hutchcroft: Alto & Tenor Sax
Mark Royce: Emulator II
The “Handy Clap Choir” which appears on Victory is: Paul Thaxter, Mark Seibert, Mike Berkowitz, Anne Berkowitz, Debbie Seibert, Paul Natzke & Reggie Turner

1. Destiny
2. Run From The Night
3. You Know The One
4. Runaway
5. Victory
6. Rendezvous
7. Heartbreaker
8. After All I’ve Done
9. Live In The Power


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Omega Sunrise: Feel The Change (1983)

The first of two albums from this American nine piece. Both albums draw heavily on their Seawind influence. The sound not dissimilar to Shakatak, a band that I love.


Producer: Ken Carlton

Backing Vocals: Dan Johnson, Kim Hutchcroft, Leslie Caulk
Bass: Mike Gonzales
Cello: Nancy Skei
Drums: Paul Thaxter
French Horn: Dr. James Winter
Guitar, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals: Mark Seibert
Keyboards: Reggie Turner
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals: Debbie Seibert
Percussion: Jim Ganduglia
Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone: Kim Hutchcroft
Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone: David H. Neece
Trombone, Backing Vocals, Synthesizer: Paul Natzke
Trumpet, Flugelhorn: Eric Rose, Ron Pierce
Viola: Claudia Shiuh, Robert Parmeter
Violin: Betty Iacovetti, Cynthia Stuart, James Stark, Maxine Madden

1. Renewal
2. Your Love
3. Spot Light
4. Can You Hear Him
5. Too Hip
6. Celestial Funk
7. No Disguise
8. First Love
9. Eternal Day
10. Feel The Change Comin’

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Champaign: How ‘Bout Us (1981)

I seem to remember that my Mum had the track ‘How ‘Bout Us’ on a K-Tel compilation back in the Eighties and the song stuck with me. Frankly, they couldn’t have made this song any smoother if they had tried. The rest of the album is much of the same but more Jazz Funk, but very much of it’s time.

Personal favourite ‘Can You find The Time’.


Producer: Leo Graham & James Mack

Paulie Carman: Lead vocals
Rena Jones: Vocals
Howard Reeder: Guitars & Vocals
Michael Day: Keyboards, Guitars & Vocals
Dana Walden: Keyboards & Synthesizers
Rocky Maffit: Percussion & Vocals
Michael Reed : Bass
Morris Jennings Jr: Drums
Paul Richmond: Bass
Tommy Radke : Syndrums
Ken Soderblom : Alto Sax


  1. Can You Find The Time?
  2. Party People
  3. Whiplash
  4. I’m On Fire
  5. How ‘Bout Us
  6. Spinnin’
  7. Dancin’ Together Again
  8. Lighten Up
  9. If One More Morning

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Niteflyte (1979)

These guys are classed as a disco band, but to me this debut is more Jazz Funk with a Westcoast feel because of their use of strings.  They released another album after this one, imaginatively titled Nightflyte 2, after which they broke up. Their lead singer, Howard Johnson released some singles in the eighties.

There is a British band also called Niteflyte who have released two or three albums in recent years, but they take a more smooth jazz approach.


Producers: Sandy Torano and Barry Mraz

Drums: Steve Ferrone
Guitars: Sandy Torano
Bass: Lamont Johnson
Keyboards: Jack Waldman
Sax: David Sanborn, Michael Brecker
Percussion: Howard Johnson
Background Vocals: Sandy Torano, Howard Johnson, Hamish Stuart, Phyllis Hyman

1. All About Love
2. If You Want It
3. Sunshine
4. Make It Right
5. Get On The Fun
6. Tryin’ To Find
7. I Wonder
8. Easy Come
9. No Two Alike

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