Body Electric (1984)

Debut album from a Canadian outfit, born from the Ashes of Straight Lines. I remember that Derk Oliver (Rock Candy records/Journalist) listed this as a great record in Kerrang, back in the Eighties. At the time I managed to pick up a vinyl copy and instantly fell in love with it.

This is Hi-Tech AOR of the highest order, played as tight as you like and produced as to a high shine. Great stuff….


Producer: Body Electric & Ron Obvious

Frank Ludwig: Lead vocals, keyboards
David Sinclair: Lead vocals, guitar
Bob Buckley: Keyboards, saxophone
Ross Friesen: Drums, vocals

1. The More Things Change
2. Stop The Music
3. Judys In Her Room
4. Living Two Lives
5. Midnight Madness
6. Somewhere In Time
7. Don’t Take Me For A Fool
8. It’s Gonna Hurt
9. One Step Back
10. You Can’t Take It With You

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