Boz Scaggs: Down Two Then Left (1977)

This album was always going to be a slightly tricky sell after the genius of ‘Silk Degrees’. For me this is not as good as that album or the one that followed it ‘Middle Man’, but it is still Boz Scaggs and it is still an excellent album.


Producer: Joe Wissert

Drums: Jeff Porcaro
Guitars: Jay Graydon, Ray Parker Jr., Steve Lukather
Bass: Scott Edwards, David Hungate
Piano: Jai Winding
Keyboards: Michael Omartian
Percussion: Bobbye Hall
Horns: Chuck Findley, Steve Madaio, Ernie Watts, Fred Selden, Don Menza, David Duke
Background Vocals: Carolyn Willis, Jim Gilstrap, John Lehman, Venetta Fields, Phyllis St. James, Myrna Matthews, Julia Tillman

1. Still Falling For You
2. Hard Times
3. A Clue
4. Whatcha Gonna Tell Your Man
5. We’re Waiting
6. Hollywood
7. Then She Walked Away
8. Gimme The Goods
9. 1993
10. Tomorrow Never Came

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Crackin’: Makings Of A Dream (1977)

I do have a soft spot for this sort of funky soft rock from the late seventies, I’m a sucker for the sound. This album is much lighter than the harder sound of the first album, giving it an AWB feel. Nice.

Crackin’ featured Leslie Smith, who went on the produce the excellent ‘Heartache’ album in 1982, once these guys had hung up their coats for good.


Producer: Russ Titelman

Drums: Peter Bunetta
Guitars: Bob Bordy
Bass: Rick Chudacoff
Piano: Lester Abrams
Synthesizer: George T. Clinton
Fender Rhodes: Lester Abrams, George T. Clinton
Sax: David Sanborn
Congas and Percussion: Arno Lucas, Victor Feldman, Milt Holland
Lead and Background Vocals: Leslie Smith, Arno Lucas, Lester Abrams

1. Feel Alright
2. Take Me To The Bridge
3. Beautiful Day

4. I Want To Sing It To You
5. Well And Good
6. Who You Want Me To Be
7. What Goes Around Comes Around
8. You’re Winning
9. (There’s a) Better Way

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Amy Grant (1977)

This is another album that I wasn’t sure about before I bought it. I already owned many of her CDs, when I saw this in a charity shop for 99p, but the song titles on the reverse put me off quite a bit. I don’t usually go for overtly CCM albums as the lyrical content normally turns me off. however, I figured that it wouldn’t hurt me to buy it and, at 99p, I could ditch it if it was no good.

I have to admit that I have never been more wrong about an album than this one. I should have trusted in Amy’s songwriting, musicianship and voice all of which are exemplary on this album. Needless to say I kept the album and its now one of my favourites.


Producer: Chris Christian

Electric guitar: Joe Wilson, Reggie Young, Pete Bordonali
Acoustic guitar: Brown Bannister, Steve Chapman
Keyboards: Randy Goodrum, Shane Keister
Bass guitar: Steve Schaffer, Joe Osborn
Drums: Larrie Londin, Kenny Malone, Lanny Avery, Jerry Carrigan
Trombone: Roger Bissell
Trumpet: George Cunningham, Don Sheffield
Trombone: Dennis Good, Dennis Solee
Clarinet: Dennis Solee
Flute: Dennis Solee
Oboe: Robert Taylor
Strings: Sheldon Kurland
Background vocals: Chris Harris, Cindy Lipford, Marty McCall, Gwen Moore, Gary Pigg

Beautiful Music
Mountain Top
Psalm 104
Old Man’s Rubble
Brand New Start
Grape, Grape Joy
Walking In The Light
What a Difference You’ve Made
I Know Better Now
The Lord Has A Will
On And On
He Gave Me A New Song

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