Don Brown: Come On (1978)

This guy has only come to prominence in recent years after DJ Supermarkt did an edit of Don’s song “Hug On A Thrill”, from his first album and then Ursula 1000 did the same with this album’s “Shut The Door”, which seems to have disappeared off the internet. Then, in 2014, DJ Supermarkt put “Shut The Door” on his first “Too Slow To Disco” compilation. Most recently his track “Don’t Lose Your Love” has been featured on Light In The Attic Records compilation “Seattle Funk, Modern Soul & Boogie: Volume II 1972-1987”.

So, what do we know about Don. Simple answer: bugger all. We know he’s from Seattle and that he released two excellent solo albums in the late Seventies. After that he was part of BrownSmith (featured on this blog back in 2015) and Don & The Premiers back in the mid-Seventies. Seemingly, he sadly died in 2010. If anyone can tell me more about the man, I’d love to hear it.


Producer: Norman Durkee


Bass – Dan Dean

Backing Vocals – Denise Roselle, Pamela Moore & Trica Lynncheyenne


  1. Lucky Girl
  2. Shut The Door
  3. You Can Dance
  4. You’re My Love
  5. Red Handed Women
  6. Welcome Everybody
  7. Don’t Lose Your Love
  8. Sweet Face
  9. Jump Out The Nest

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