Passage (1981)

This is a solo project by Louis Johnson of The Brothers Johnson, supported by Richard Heath (Michael Jackson, Harvey Mason, The Brothers Johnson) and Valerie Johnson (Louis’ ex-wife) and very nice it is too. But then you knew I wouldn’t post any old shite, right?

It’s as smooth as The Brothers at their silkiest, but more overtly CCM. This isn’t usually to my taste but on this occasion I make an exception because the playing and the songs are excellent and the lyrics aren’t too preachy. Louis plays keyboards, guitar and bass, but is ably assisted by some great playing. My fave track is probably “I See The Light” with its funky bass intro.

You decide and let me know what you think.


Producer: Louis Johnson


Drums: Ricky Lawson, John Robinson
Guitars: Greg Moore, Louis Johnson, Curtis Nolen, Al Perkins
Bass: Louis Johnson
Keyboards: David Wolinsky, Louis Johnson, Raymond Crossley, Rene Moore
Percussion: Richard Heath
Sax: Michael Perkins
All Lead and Background Vocals: Valerie Johnson, Louis Johnson, Richard Heath



1. Have You Heard The Word
2. You Can’t Be Livin’
3. Faith Walking People
4. I See The Light
5. The Great Flood
6. Open Up Your Heart
7. Power
8. Love Eyes
9. The Son Will Come Again

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