Geyster: No Kiddin’ (2009)

Ok, so this one was requested by my man Angel. Believe me this is a good choice, it’s my favourite album by Gael and his friends.

The first track ‘Come My Direction’, with it’s disco beat, sets the tone. ‘New York’, ‘I Wouldn’t Change A Thing’ and ‘Sister’s Beautiful’ are all great tracks. To be fair though they are all great, which is why I love this album. I think it’s their zenith, but you decide.


Producer: Gaël Benyamin


Drums: Elad Fish

Lead Guitar: Jérôme Beuret

Tenor Saxophone: Pierre Baillot

Trumpet: Carole Lavecot, Philippe McGlinchey

Vocals: Pernilla Grönlund

Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Piano, Synthesizer, Percussion, Guitar: Gaël Benyamin


  1. Come My Direction
  2. No Kiddin’
  3. Sherry Linn
  4. Second Tear
  5. Lonely Satellite
  6. Sundown
  7. I Wouldn’t Change A Thing
  8. The Arrival
  9. New York
  10. Sometimes
  11. Downtown
  12. Looking At The Sun
  13. Sister’s Beautiful
  14. Change Of Heart
  15. When The Music’s Over

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2 thoughts on “Geyster: No Kiddin’ (2009)

  1. acab5023 November 19, 2016 / 9:05 pm

    Thanks a lot my friend!!!
    Don’t forget “Summertime” Geyster album too 😀
    All the best!!!
    Ángel Cabrera….


    • Jimbo November 19, 2016 / 11:02 pm

      No problem. The other album is in the comments of the Dave Koz album. Enjoy.


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