Lee Ritenour: Captain Fingers (1977)

I found this album in a local second hand CD shop over the summer and thought I’d give it a go, even though I’ve never a huge fan of the man and don’t possess any of his other albums. Boy, am I glad I bought it though. It’s a great album and considering it’s only his second platter it is hugely accomplished and features a plethora of West Coast talent.

It features a fantastic version of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ (with Bill Champlin on vocals) and my personal favourite ‘Fly By Night’ written by Dave Grusin.

I’ve never been a fan over instrumental albums as I find that they can be over-indulgent, and there are one of two times that this albums strays into that territory, but they are fleeting and don’t spoil the listening.


Producer: Skip Drinkwater

Drums: Harvey Mason, Jeff Porcaro
Guitars: Lee Ritenour, Dennis Budimir, Jay Graydon, Mitch Holder, Ray Parker Jr.
Bass: Anthony Jackson, Alphonso Johnson, Bill Dickinson, Charles Meeks, Mike Porcaro
Keyboards: Dave Grusin, Dawilli Gonga, Ian Underwood, Patrice Rushen, David Foster
Percussion: Harvey Mason, Steve Forman
Congas: Victor Feldman
Sax: Ernie Watts
Vocals: Bill Champlin


  1. Captain Fingers
  2. Dolphin Dreams
  3. Fly By Night
  4. Margarita
  5. Isn’t She Lovely
  6. Space Glide
  7. Sun Song


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