Felix Cavaliere: Castles In The Air (1979)

Nice piece of Blue Eyed Soul from the ex-frontman if The Rascals, and even features Eddie and David Brigati from the same group on backing vocals. Also featured are other top shelf artists like Steve Jordan, Buss Feiten, Will Lee and Randy Brecker, as well and David Lasley, Arnold McCuller and Luther Vandross on backing vocals.

Its a good album with a nice lazy, laid back feel to it. the opening track ‘Good To Have Love Back’ is fantastic.


Producers: Felix Cavaliere and Cengiz Yaltkaya


Drums: Steve Jordan, Steve Ferrone
Guitars: Hiram Bullock, Steve Khan, Vinnie Cusano, Buzzy Feiten
Keyboards: Felix Cavaliere
Synthesizer: Ed Walsh
Bass: Will Lee, Neil Jason, Gene Santini, Marcus Miller
Percussion: Raphael Cruz
Horns: Marvin Stamm, George Young, Seldon Powell, Barry Rogers, Ronnie Cuber, Randy Brecker
Background Vocals: Eddie Brigati, David Brigati, David Lasley, Lynn Pitney, Arnold McCuller, Luther Vandross, Diva Gray, Annie Sutton



1. Good To Have Love Back

2. Only a Lonely Heart Sees

3. All or Nothing

4. Castles In The Air

5. People got To Be Free

6. Dancin’ The Night Away

7. Love Is The First Day Of Spring

8. Outside Your Window

9. Don’t Hold Back Your Love

10. You Turned Me Around


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