Rick Bowles: Free For The Evening (1982)

Of Rick Bowles’ two albums, this is my favourite. The other one (No Man’s Land [1984]) is good, but this pips it. I often find that with debut albums. Maybe it’s because the artist has more time to write the songs for a debut? Who knows.

Apart from the great songs, another plus is that Robert Byrne and Brandon Barnes also perform on the album, having released their own album the year before. Nonetheless, this is a nice album. give it a try.


Producer: Ted Daryll

Drums: Andy Newmark, Brandon Barnes, Bob Ryley
Bass: Tom Wolk
Guitars: Robert Byrne, Tom Wolk, Nicky Moroch, Rick Bowles
Piano: Richard Putman
Percussion, Pancho Ramon, Ray Bardani
Synthesizer: Ted Daryll
Background Vocals: Robert Byrne, Brandon Barnes, Kim Carlson


  1. Too Good To Turn Back Now
  2. (Tonight I’ll Be Your) Fool Again
  3. Your Loss
  4. Eagle And The North Wind
  5. So Far So Good
  6. Listen To Last
  7. Right
  8. Dragon Suite

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