Crackin’: Makings Of A Dream (1977)

I do have a soft spot for this sort of funky soft rock from the late seventies, I’m a sucker for the sound. This album is much lighter than the harder sound of the first album, giving it an AWB feel. Nice.

Crackin’ featured Leslie Smith, who went on the produce the excellent ‘Heartache’ album in 1982, once these guys had hung up their coats for good.


Producer: Russ Titelman

Drums: Peter Bunetta
Guitars: Bob Bordy
Bass: Rick Chudacoff
Piano: Lester Abrams
Synthesizer: George T. Clinton
Fender Rhodes: Lester Abrams, George T. Clinton
Sax: David Sanborn
Congas and Percussion: Arno Lucas, Victor Feldman, Milt Holland
Lead and Background Vocals: Leslie Smith, Arno Lucas, Lester Abrams

1. Feel Alright
2. Take Me To The Bridge
3. Beautiful Day

4. I Want To Sing It To You
5. Well And Good
6. Who You Want Me To Be
7. What Goes Around Comes Around
8. You’re Winning
9. (There’s a) Better Way

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One thought on “Crackin’: Makings Of A Dream (1977)

  1. bongohito April 17, 2016 / 5:13 am

    now *this* is top shelf west coast aor! *fantastic*… (and their others are pretty sweet, too)


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