Light Mellow: AOR Groovin’ & Breezin’ (2000)

This may have been the first (or at least one of the first) in the Light mellow series that is still going strong today. It’s a nice collection of tracks that are…. er…. light and mellow.

A compilation done as well as this one can be a great introduction to some brilliant artists, and so it was that I discovered the likes of Heat, Bruce Hibbard, David Lasley, Sneaker and Tony Sciuto just from this one album.



  1. Heat – Don’t You Walk Away
  2. Bruce Hibbard – Never Turnin’ Back
  3. Rosie feat. Lynn Pitney – There’s a Song In It Somewhere
  4. Robbie Buchanan – Heart Don’t Change my Mind
  5. Greg Guidry – Goin’ Down
  6. David Diggs – Lonely Weekend
  7. Paul Bliss – How Do I Survive
  8. Tony Sciuto – Island Nights (alternate Mix)
  9. David Lasley – You Bring Me Joy
  10. Sibling Revelry – Consider The Greatest Love
  11. Kazu Matsui Project – Is That The Way To Your Heart
  12. Bruce Gaitsch – Letting Go
  13. Michael Gonzales – Love is Forever
  14. Sneaker – Did You Order One
  15. Joseph Williams – I Didn’t Do It
  16. King Of Hearts – Lovin’ Arms



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