James Walsh Gypsy Band (1978)

This is one of those lost classics that really should have been a huge hit, and the band a household name. But neither of those things happened.

They peddled the type of Blue Eyed Soul that the Faragher Bros. were kicking out at around the same time. Which is a good thing. It’s a nice album. Well worth your time.


Producer: Richard Jorgensen


Bass: Scott Fronsoe

Drums & Percussion: Ernie LaViolette

Guitar: Jim Behringer

Lead Vocal, Keyboards & Synthesizer: James Walsh

Trombone: Todd Hansen

Trumpet & Flugelhorn: Richard Jorgensen


  1. You Make Me Feel Like Livin’
  2. Love Is For The Best In Us
  3. Bring Yourself Around
  4. Don’t Look Back
  5. Cuz It’s You, Girl
  6. You
  7. Gray Tears
  8. My Star
  9. Whole Lotta Givin’ To Do
  10. Lookin’ Up I See
  11. Someday



Support the artist and Buy It!



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