Bobby Caldwell: Cat In The Hat (1980)

In my humble opinion, this is his best album. It’s certainly funkier than any of his other albums, until the ‘Cool Uncle’ album that is. Check that one out if you haven’t already.

Back in 1980 this album was probably a brave move, considering the huge success of his previous album and the ultra-smooth ‘What You Won’t Do For Love’.


Producers: Bobby Caldwell and Steve Kimball

Drums: Harold Seay, Andy Newmark, Joe Galdo, Ed Greene, Bobby Caldwell
Guitars: Bobby Caldwell
Keyboards and Synthesizers: Bobby Caldwell, Bruce Malament
Bass: George Perry, John Paulus, Bobby Caldwell
Sax: Mike Lewis, Chris Colclessor, Mark Colby
Horns: Jeffrey Kievet, Hollis Burridge, Jerry Peel, Gary Lindsay, James Marshall
All Vocals: Bobby Caldwell

1. Coming Down From Love
2. Wrong or Right
3. To Know What You’ve Got
4. You Promised Me
5. It’s Over
6. Open Your Eyes
7. Mother of Creation
8. I Don’t Want to Lose Your Love

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2 thoughts on “Bobby Caldwell: Cat In The Hat (1980)

  1. bongo March 10, 2016 / 2:04 am

    i thought i’d heard all the caldwell i needed to. wrong. this is without a doubt his high point. fantastic! thanks for your time and effort – cheers!


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