Nick DeCaro: Italian Graffiti (1974)

Nick DeCaro was an American songwriter, producer and musician that released 4 albums in his life time (that I’m aware of) and the last three are gems in the Painter household.

It’s difficult to believe that this album was released way back in 1974, it sounds timeless to my ears. Probably the best known track on the album is ‘Under The Jamaican Moon’, written by Leah Kunkel and Stephen Bishop and which has since been committed to tape by both artists.

Sadly, Nick died in 1992, leaving behind a small but perfectly formed recording legacy.


Producers: Tommy Lipuma and Nick DeCaro

Drums: Paul Humphrey, Harvey Mason
Bass: Wilton Felder, Jim Hughart, Max Bennett
Guitars: Arthur Adams, David T. Walker
Flute: Bud Shaunk
Tenor Saxophone: Tony Ortega
Alto Saxophone: Plas Johnson
Percussion: Tom Roady

1. Under The Jamaican Moon
2. Happier Than The Morning Sun
3. Tea For Two
4. All I Want
5. Wailing Wall
6. Angie Girl
7. Getting Mighty Crowded
8. While The City Sleeps
9. Canned Music
10. Tapestry

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