Joe Chemay Band: The Riper The Finer (1981)

Another great album for you here, very much in the Westcoast AOR vein. Joe Chemay was a seasoned session musician and producer, having featured on many albums of the era. Sadly, this is his only platter, which is a shame because this is such a great album and was well worthy of a timely follow up, which wouldn’t appear for many years.


Producers: Joe Chemay and John Guess

Drums: P. Leim
Guitars: Joe Chemay, B. Walker
Bass: Joe Chemay
Piano and Synthesizes: John Hobbs
Organ: M. Meros
Percussion: P. Leim, Louis Conte
Background Vocals: Maxine & Julia Waters

1. Bad Enough
2. Proud
3. Once In A Life
4. A Fine Line
5. You Saw Me Coming
6. Love Is A Crazy Feeling
7. Holy Thunder
8. One Needs Another
9. Never Gonna Let You Go

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