Danny Douma: Night Eyes (1979)

Ok, so who is this fella? Well, he was a leading member of the band Wha-Koo and this is his one and only solo effort. The songwriting, the production and the playing are all fine but none are spectacular.

What really makes this album stand out is the inclusion of someone called Eric Clapton and the best part of Fleetwood Mac (minus Nicks), all of who appear at some point or other most notably on the track ‘Hate You’, as well as Jay Gruska

See what you think.


Producers: Danny Douma & Nick Van Maarth

Backing Vocals: Christine McVie, Michelle Gruska
Bass: Peter Frieberger, John McVie
Drums: Claude Pepper, Mick Fleetwood
Guitar: Todd Sharp, Amos Garrett, Eric Clapton, Lindsey Buckingham
Guitar, Backing Vocals: Nick Van Maarth
Saxophone: David Woodford
Keyboards: Jay Gruska, Christine McVie
Accordion: Garth Hudson
Vocals, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals: Danny Douma

1. Hurt To Pride
2. Dontcha Break My Heart
3. Endlessly
4. Broken Wing
5. Carnival Boy
6. Hate You
7. No Meaning Without You
8. Beauty Has An Ache
9. Love Now
10. Sweet Home

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