Wilson Bros.: Another Night (1979)

Classic Westcoast album for you here. Very much an AOR album, in the style of the day, not a million miles away from the type of music that the likes of Hall & Oates and Christopher Cross were pumping out around this time.

Steve and Kelly Wilson managed to persuade Steve Lukather to contribute some chops but he was the only member of Toto to be included.


Producer: Kyle Lehning

Drums: Kenneth Buttrey
Bass: Jack Williams, Bob Wray
Keyboards: Shane Keister, Kelly Wilson
Guitars: Jon Goin, Steve Lukather, Steve Gibson, Steve Wilson, Kelly Wilson
Sax: Ernie Watts, Billy Puett
Trumpet: Don Shefield
Trombone: Dennis Good
Lead Vocals: Steve Wilson, Kelly Wilson
Background Vocals: Sherri Kramer, Diane Tidwell, Lisa Silver, Donna Sheridon, Denny Henson

1. Feeling Like We’re Strangers Again
2. Another Night
3. Thanking Heaven
4. Shadows
5. Just Like A Lover Knows
6. Lost And A Long Way From Home
7. Can We Still Be Friends
8. Ticket To My Heart
9. Take Me To Your Heaven
10. Like Yesterday

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