Love & Money: Strange Kind Of Love (1988)

This album was introduced to me on the ‘Secret’ page of the old Blue Desert website. They don’t do that page anymore, but it did introduce me to some fantastic albums. This one included.

It does of course have Westcoast pedigree with the inclusion of Jeff Porcaro on drums (following the departure of Stuart Kerr) and the production of Steely Dan’s knob-twiddler, Gary Katz.

To these ears it sounds like the kind of Sophisti-Pop/Blue Eyed Soul dished up by other Scottish bands of the time like The Blue Nile and The Adventures. But, with the production of Katz, this album stands apart.


Producer: Gary Katz

Bass: Bobby Paterson
Drums: Jeff Porcaro
Keyboards, Piano: Paul McGeechan
Percussion: Ronnie Goodman (tracks: 1, 2, 4, 8 to 11)
Vocals, Electric Guitar: James Grant

1. Halleluiah Man
2. Shape Of Things To Come
3. Strange Kind Of Love
4. Axis Of Love
5. Jocelyn Square
6. Walk The Last Mile
7. Razorsedge
8. Inflammable
9. Up Escalator
10. Avalanche

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