Bill Withers: Watching Me Watching You (1985)

There is nothing of the old Bill Withers on this album. It was clearly his stab at a much more commercial, mid Eighties sound. In this he succeeded. It is produced to a high gloss finish and smooth as a baby’s head.

‘Oh Yeah!’ is a fantastic song, co-written with Larry Carlton and David Foster.


Producers: Larry Carlton, Bill Withers, Denny Diante, Don Freeman, Ralph MacDonald & Michel Colombier

Keyboards: David Foster
Guitar: Paul Jackson Jr., Dann Huff, Joe Kelly
Bass: Nathan East, Bill Withers, Don Freeman, Marcus Miller
Fender Rhodes: Richard Tee
Acoustic Piano: Don Freeman, Bill Withers
Drums: John Robinson, Buddy Williams
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa, Ralph MacDonald
Lead Synthesizer: Greg Phillinganes
Synthesizer Horns: Paul Smith
Linn Drum Synthesizer: Keith Seppanen, Don Freeman
Cymbals & Simmons Toms: M.B. Gordy
Bass Slides: Robert Popwell
Saxophone: Ernie Watts
Background vocals: Yvonne Lewis, Lani Groves & Maretha Stewart, Marty McCall, Myrna Matthews, Denise DeCaro, Phil Perry, Edie Lehman & Kate Markowitz

1. Oh Yeah!
2. Something That Turns On You
3. Don’t Make Me Wait
4. Heart In Your Life
5. Watching You Watching Me
6. We Could Be Sweet Lovers
7. You Just Can’t Smile It Away
8. Steppin’ Right Along
9. Whatever Happens
10. You Try To Find A Love

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