Amy Grant (1977)

This is another album that I wasn’t sure about before I bought it. I already owned many of her CDs, when I saw this in a charity shop for 99p, but the song titles on the reverse put me off quite a bit. I don’t usually go for overtly CCM albums as the lyrical content normally turns me off. however, I figured that it wouldn’t hurt me to buy it and, at 99p, I could ditch it if it was no good.

I have to admit that I have never been more wrong about an album than this one. I should have trusted in Amy’s songwriting, musicianship and voice all of which are exemplary on this album. Needless to say I kept the album and its now one of my favourites.


Producer: Chris Christian

Electric guitar: Joe Wilson, Reggie Young, Pete Bordonali
Acoustic guitar: Brown Bannister, Steve Chapman
Keyboards: Randy Goodrum, Shane Keister
Bass guitar: Steve Schaffer, Joe Osborn
Drums: Larrie Londin, Kenny Malone, Lanny Avery, Jerry Carrigan
Trombone: Roger Bissell
Trumpet: George Cunningham, Don Sheffield
Trombone: Dennis Good, Dennis Solee
Clarinet: Dennis Solee
Flute: Dennis Solee
Oboe: Robert Taylor
Strings: Sheldon Kurland
Background vocals: Chris Harris, Cindy Lipford, Marty McCall, Gwen Moore, Gary Pigg

Beautiful Music
Mountain Top
Psalm 104
Old Man’s Rubble
Brand New Start
Grape, Grape Joy
Walking In The Light
What a Difference You’ve Made
I Know Better Now
The Lord Has A Will
On And On
He Gave Me A New Song

Support the artist and Buy It!


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