Fly Away: The Songs of David Foster (2009)

Modern takes on old David Foster tracks, many times presenting them with a freshness that they deserve, showing them for the timeless classics they are. The line up of vocalists on the album is nothing short of breathtaking, which reveals the esteem in which Mr Foster is held among musicians as well as us fans.

I like Arnold McCuller’s take on ‘Jojo’ and ‘Whatever We Imagine’ by Bill Cantos. Long time Foster collaborator Warren Wiebe’s (R.I.P.) voice soars, as always.


Producers: Jeremy Lubbock (tracks: 9), Tomi Malm (tracks: 1 to 8, 10 to 15)

Lead Guitar: Jay Graydon
Bass: Neil Stubenhaus
Drums: John Robinson
Electric Piano: Aidan Zammit
Guitar: Paul Jackson Jr.
Keyboards: Tomi Malm, Aidan Zammit
Synthesizer: Aidan Zammit
Alto Saxophone: Fabrizio Mandolini
Backing Vocals: Aidan Zammit

1. Prelude: David Foster
2. In The Stone: Bill Champlin
3. No Explanation: Bill LaBounty
4. Jojo: Arnold McCuller
5. The Colour Of My Love: Courtney Blooding
6. Heart To Heart: Jeff Pescetto
7. Fly Away: Robbie Dupree
8. Look What You’ve Done To Me: Cecily Gardner
9. Through The Fire: Joe Pizzulo
10. The Best Of Me: Lisa Lovbrand
11. Nothin’ You Can Do About It: Frank Adahl
12. Whatever We Imagine: Bill Cantos
13. When Will The World Be Like Lovers: Jeff, Robbie, Frank, Bill, Arnold And Joe
14. Live Each Day: Warren Wiebe

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