Angeles: Fade In Love (1991)

Another album of J-Pop or City Pop (call it what you will) covers, recorded in Los Angeles (get it?), played by western musicians and sung by western artists. This time its the turn of the Japanese band Off Course, who I like very much.

Tucked away at the end of the album is a great track ‘Sayonara’ sung by Joseph Williams. Its a gem. Having said that, the whole album is really slick and easy on the ear.


Producer: Kaz Masumoto

Guitars: Michael Landau
Keyboards, Hammond, Arranger: Brett Raymond
Drums: Gregg Bissonette, Richie Hayward, James Kottak
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa, Sean Yarbrough
Sax: Dave Koz
Strings: Peter Kent, Sid Page, Bob Becker
Lead Vocals: Peter Beckett, Gene Miller, Brett Raymond, Joe Retta , Joseph Williams
Background Vocals: Tom Keane, Marc Jordan, Brett Raymond, Joe Retta & Joseph Williams

1. Prologue (instrumental)
2. Don’t Stop The Love (Peter Beckett)
3. This September Feeling (Gene Miller)
4. Eyes In The Back Of My Heart (Brett Raymond)
5. Sleepless Night (Joe Retta)
6. Endless Nights (Brett Raymond)
7. Yes-No (Joe Retta)
8. My Wish (Gene Miller)
9. Sayonara (Joseph Williams)
10. Epilogue (instrumental)

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