View From The West Coast


View From The west Coast is a unique online magazine for lovers of west coast smooth music. Featuring classic album reviews, new releases, guest playlists and an exclusive ‘View From The West Coast’ radio show from Steve Quirk. Also featured is information about an exclusive mix by Mark ‘Good Vibes’ Taylor, done especially for the launch of the magazine.

Interviews in the first issue include Mike Lundy, who has already been featured on this blog, Brian Wilson, Lucas Arruda, Roger Bong and Geyster. Also featured is an article by yours truly, about Westcoast AOR duos to go with my mix.

The magazine’s editor Nick Mawson said “This is the start of a magical journey for me… I’ve met so many wonderful people being involved in this new magazine and the music we have shared along the way has been a joy to hear. I hope you consider it yours as much as mine and I’d love to get your thoughts and feedback about ‘View From The West Coast’. I really do sincerely thank everyone for their amazing support in helping me get this off the ground…”

Buy the magazine now at:


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