Bounce The Ocean (1991)

American duo with only one album to their name. Formed by Hawk Bjorn and John Utter, the album was released on the small independent ‘Private Music’ label. The songs are highly melodic, light AOR poppy numbers, but the whole thing has a charm that draws you in and gets under your skin. Features uber session player Michael Thompson on guitar.

Favourite track is ‘Crooked Heart’. Check it out below.


Producer: Steve Berlin

Dave Boroff: Saxophone
Andy Kravitz: Drums, percussion
Frank Bry: Keyboard programming, bass, drum samples
Hawk Bjorn: Piano, keyboards, synthesizer bass, background vocals
Michael Thompson: Guitar
Greg Leisz: Slide guitar
Steve Berlin: Bells, triangle, percussion, saxophone
Michael O’Martian: Keyboards, organ, synthesizer, bass, piano
John Utter: Guitar, vocals, background vocals

1. Throw It All Away
2. So We Collide
3. Wasting My Time
4. Letting Go
5. Gloria
6. Crooked Heart
7. Dry Your Eyes
8. When She Turned Away
9. Scientists
10. It Just Gets Better

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