Pauline Wilson: Intuition (1994)

Pauline Wilson is, as we all know, the lead singer of Seawind and wife of Seawind drummer/songwriter Bob Wilson. He never played for Arsenal, not to the best of my knowledge.

This is a great album and the first of many solo albums that Pauline released after Seawind demise in the early Eighties. Naturally, what we are all drawn to is the voice and on this record (showing my age there) she does not disappoint. The only negative is the inclusion of yet another version of ‘Follow Your Road’, which is a fantastic song but has probably been done to death.

Nonetheless, Yutaka Yokokura does an excellent job producing and there are cameos from Paulinho Da Costa and Patrice Rushen, as well as much of the Seawind horn section.


Producer: Yutaka Yokokura

Pauline Wilson: Vocals
Vin D’Onofrio: Guitar
Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion
Freddie Washington: Bass
Abraham Laboriel: Bass
Ricky Lawson: Drums
Carlos Vega: Drums
Brandon Fields: Sax (Alto)
Larry Williams: Sax (Alto)
Michael Paulo: Sax (Alto)
Kim Hutchcroft: Sax (Tenor)
Gary Meek: Saxophone
Jerry Hey: Flugelhorn, Horn Arrangements, Trumpet
Patrice Rushen: Piano
Larry Corbett: Strings
Sid Page: Strings
Suzie Katayama: Strings
Peter Kent: Strings
Joel Derouin: Strings
Kate Markowitz: Vocals (Background)

1. Walking My Way to You
2. The Love Lives On
3. Intuition
4. Follow Your Road
5. Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right
6. One Chance
7. Back Again, Back in Love
8. Deeper and Deeper
9. Stay
10. Mysterious/Colors of the Wind

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