Houston (2010)

Some of you might be slightly surprised to see this album on PD’s website, and I wouldn’t blame you. However, if you like smooth poppy AOR with a modern sheen, this could very well be the album for you. On the other hand, if you like Frankie Valli or Neil Sedaka, you might be disappointed.

It’s slick and glossy with a keyboard heavy rock sound. Also, this is the Spinefarm version with two excellent bonus tracks. If you like it, I really would urge you to seek out the rest of their stuff, it’s easy to find on Amazon.

Houston - ST [UK cover]

Producer: Ricky B. Delin

Freddie Allen: drums, additional keyboards
Hampus Hank Erix: lead vocals
Lasse Falck: bass
Mats Olausson: keyboards
Ricky Delin: additional keyboards, backing vocals
Tommy Denander: guitars
Kristoffer Lagerstrom: backing vocals
Helena Alsterhed: lead vocals
Martin Fogelstrom: guitars
Kristoffer Hogberg: bass
Michel Santunione: guitars
Fabes: guitars
Thomas Vikstrom: backing vocals
J Cutter: Additional keyboards
Johan Kronlund: guitars
Krille Eriksson: guitars

1. Pride
2. Truth Slips
3. Hold On
4. I’m Alive
5. One Chance
6. Give Me Back My Heart
7. Misery
8. She’s A Mystery
9. Now
10. 1000 Songs
11. Under Your Skin (bonus)
12. Chasing The Dream (bonus)

Support the artists and Buy It!


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