Robbie Dupree (1980)

Robbie Dupree’s debut has become a classic. It’s a mix of pop and soul and should be the soundtrack to anyone’s rive along the West coast of America. Unmissable.


Producers: Rick Chudacoff and Peter Bunetta

Keyboards: Bill Elliott, Bill LaBounty, Rick Chudacoff
Guitars: Robert Palmer, Brian Ray, Dennis Herring, Bob Bordy
Bass: Rick Chudacoff
Synthesizer: Michael Boddicker
Drums: Peter Bunetta
Percussion: Miguel Rivera, Alan Estes, Robbie Dupree
Harmonica: Robbie Dupree
Sax: Jerry Peterson
Background Vocals: Kal David, Leslie Smith, Arno Lucas, Bill LaBounty, Matthew Weiner, Joe Turano

1. Steal Away
2. I’m No Stranger
3. Thin Line
4. It’s A Feeling
5. Hot Rod Hearts
6. Nobody Else
7. We Both Tried
8. Love Is A Mystery
9. Lonely Runner

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