Pages: Future Street (1979)

Classic band, classic album. Again, this is their best, in my opinion. Especially as it includes the classic tracks ‘I Do Believe In You’ and ‘Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong’. Kenny Loggins and Jai Winding feature.


Producer: Bobby Colomby

Drums: George Lawrence, Russell Battelene
Guitars: Charles Johnson, Tim May, JoeyTrujillo
Bass: Jerry Manfredi
Keyboards: Richard Page, Steve George, Jai Winding
Synthesizers: Richard Page, Steve George
Percussion: Don Alias, Bobby Colomby, Claudio Slon
Sax: Michael Brecker
Horns: Chuck Findley, Jerry Hey, Lew McCreary, Bill Reichenbach, Larry Williams
Lead Vocals: Richard Page, Steve George
Background Vocals: Richard Page, Steve George, Kenny Loggins, George Hawkins

1. I Do Believe In You
2. The Sailor’s Song
3. Take My Heart Away
4. Future Street
5. Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong
6. Chemistry
7. Two People
8. Keep On Movin’

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