Night Plane (1982)

This is one of those collaborative albums between Hayden Gregg (Starwood) and Jim Dykann, which includes a number of star session players like Steve Lukather, Russ Kunkel, Danny Korchmar and the aforementioned Craig Doerge.

It won’t set your world on fire, but it is a pleasant Westcoast/Lite AOR album for when cruisin down the highway. I’ve converted it to a bitrate of 320, so you’ll have to let me know if you think it sounds ok.


Producer: Jeffrey Weber

Drums: Russ Kunkel
Guitars: Steve Lukather, Haden Gregg, Jim Dykann, Danny Kortchmar, Kenny Edwards
Bass: Bob Glaub
Keyboards: Craig Doerge
Percussion: Russ Kunkel
Sax: Bryan Savage
Background Vocals: Haden Gregg, Jim Dykann, Rosemary Butler

1. Night Plane
2. Slow Down
3. Out of Control
4. Tried Too Hard
5. Cheated
6. Don’t Be Fooled
7. Illusions
8. Line of Fire
9. Another Hotel
10. Who Knows ?

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