Craig Doerge (1973)

Here’s an album I found on Grapher’s (R.I.P.) website some time ago. It was listed as Westcoast, so i thought I’s give it a listen. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s not your usual Westcoast album but it has some great moments, in particular the ballad “The Trouble With A Woman”.

I small amount of digging will tell you that Craig has his roots firmly in the Laurel canyon scene, having played with Crosby, Stills & Nash, James Taylor & Jackson Browne (among many, many others). He also formed the band ‘The Section’ with Danny Kortchmar, Leland Sklar and Russ Kunkel. Now that’s proper Westcoast cred.


Producer: Larry Marks

Bass: Buddy Clark, Leland Sklar, Ray Brown
Chorus: Abigale Haness, Bill Martin, Caroline Howe, Charles Higgins, Jr., David Lindley, Donny Gerrard, Jay Rome, Josephine Silva, Judy Henske, Judy Rome, Maureen Sklar, Patrice Holloway, Russ Giguere, William Smith
Clarinet: Abe Most
Congas: Simon Nava
Drums: Jim Keltner, Russ Kunkel
Guitar: Danny Kortchmar, David Spinozza, Larry Carlton
Harmonica: Peter Ivers
Marimba, Vibraphone: Julius Wechter
Organ: Michael Utley
Steel Drums: Tommy Reynolds
Trombone: Herb Harper
Trumpet: Harry Edison
Vocals, Piano, Synthesizer: Craig Doerge

1. Yellow Beach Umbrella
2. Reno
3. Rosalie
4. Dogs Are The Only Real Christians
5. Easy On Me, Easy
6. Fair Weather Friends
7. Red Hot Music
8. The Trouble With A Woman
9. Magic Sam
10. Raggedy Ann

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