America: Live 1977

There are very few live albums around released by Westcoast bands and musicians, at least that’s my observation, I’m happy to be proven wrong. Anyway, this is from one of my favourite bands of all time. Many of their hits are included as well as some album tracks chucked in for good measure.

I’m off to see them in September, as they are in Blighty supporting Brian Wilson. See you at the 02 if you are going.


Producer: George Martin

Guitars: Dewey Bunnell & Gerry Beckley
Bass: David Dickey
Drums: Willie Leacox
Keyboards & Sax: Jimmy Calire
Percussion: Tom Walsh

1. Tin Man
2. Muskrat Love
3. I Need You
4. Old Man Took
5. Daisy Jane
6. Company
7. Hollywood
8. Sergeant Darkness
9. Amber Cascades
10. To Each His Own
11. Another Try
12. Ventura Highway
13. Sister Golden Hair
14. A Horse with No Name

Support the artist and Buy It!

se with No Name


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