Bugatti & Musker: The Dukes (1982)

I featured the song ‘Memories’ on my recent mix ‘Just The Two Of Us’. The whole album has a really loose, Westcoast feel, bordering on disco at times. ‘Mystery Girl’ even sounds like an old Michael Jackson track to my ears, which is probably because of the Arif Mardin production.

Check out their brilliant single 1976 pop/disco single ‘Ain’t No Smoke Without Fire’ below.


Produced: Arif Mardin

Vocals: Dominic Bugatti & Frank Musker
Drums: Jeff Porcaro & John “J.R.” Robinson
Keyboards & Synthesizers: Robbie Buchanan, Richard Tee, Bob Christianson & Pete Cannarozzi
Bass: Will Lee & Abraham Laboriel
Guitars: Steve Lukather, David Williams, Paul Jackson Jr. & Carlos Rios
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa & Steve Forman
Horns: Larry Williams, Lew Soloff, Randy Brecker, Robert Mintzer, Roger Rosenberg, Keith O’Quinn, Lawrence Feldman & Earl Gardner
Background vocals: Hamish Stuart, Mark Stevens, Will Lee, Marcy Levy, Robin Beck & Mary Gaglia


  1. Mystery Girl
  2. Survivor
  3. Thank You For The Party
  4. Memories
  5. Excitement Of The New
  6. Love Dance
  7. Soul Mates
  8. So Much In Love

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