Niteflyte (1979)

These guys are classed as a disco band, but to me this debut is more Jazz Funk with a Westcoast feel because of their use of strings.  They released another album after this one, imaginatively titled Nightflyte 2, after which they broke up. Their lead singer, Howard Johnson released some singles in the eighties.

There is a British band also called Niteflyte who have released two or three albums in recent years, but they take a more smooth jazz approach.


Producers: Sandy Torano and Barry Mraz

Drums: Steve Ferrone
Guitars: Sandy Torano
Bass: Lamont Johnson
Keyboards: Jack Waldman
Sax: David Sanborn, Michael Brecker
Percussion: Howard Johnson
Background Vocals: Sandy Torano, Howard Johnson, Hamish Stuart, Phyllis Hyman

1. All About Love
2. If You Want It
3. Sunshine
4. Make It Right
5. Get On The Fun
6. Tryin’ To Find
7. I Wonder
8. Easy Come
9. No Two Alike

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