Keven Jordan: No Sign Of Rain (1991)

Not so much Westcoast AOR, but more soft rock or lite AOR, with touches of Westcoast and  bit of Hi-Tech. It sounds like a mess, but this album is far from that, its a fantastic album with superb musicianship and brilliant songs. The pick of the punch are the title track and ‘Just Another Day’, although there really isn’t a duffer on here.

He did go in to release another album in 1994, which wasn’t so well received at the time and was , frankly, not as good as this debut. Maybe I’ll post it one day so that you can make your own judgement.


Producer: Tim McCauley

Keven Jordan: vocals, guitars
Marty Walsh: guitars
Tim Mcauley: keyboards, drum programming
Peter Cardinali: bass
Matthew Mcauley: keyboards, vocals
Scott Humphrey: drum programming

1. There Is A Reason
2. No Sign Of Rain
3. I Look To You
4. Just Another Day
5. True Believers
6. Your Disguise
7. She Lives
8. Traces Of You
9. How Can We Believe?
10. The Path That Leads To You

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