The Norwegian Fjords: Somewhere Down The Road You’ll Listen (2011)

The mighty Erik Enzo and Paul Call are The Norwegian Fjords. Only two albums so far and how I crave another. Both their albums to date (this was the second one after their self titled debut in 2008). Surely it’s time for another one guys!

If you can imagine Steely Dan with even quirkier lyrics then you are not far off The Norwegian Fjord’s sound. Give it a try, you might like it. BTW it also features the vocals of the legendary David Lasley.


Erik Enzo: Lead vocals & Keyboards
Paul Call: Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Drums: Stein Inge Braekhus & Mike Shapiro
Percussion: Mike Shapiro, Tommi Haukland, Stein Inge Braekhus & Erik Enzo
Bass : Vemund Stavnes & Oivind Lunde
Additional Electric Guitars: Bjor Bohne, Svein Olav Hyttebakk, Wayne Brasel & Buddy Nuanez
Guitars Solos: Buddy Nuanez, Wayne Brasel & Svein Olav Hytteback
Harmonica: Tollak Ollestad
Trumpet: Stan Martin, Svein Henrik Giske
Sax: Jan Kare Hystad
Strings: Bjarte Mo, Eirik Robert Stangenes, Wouter Raubenheimer & Ilmari Hopkins Backing vocals: Erik Enzo, David Lasley, Shelby Flint, Alida Garpestad, Jeanette Liseth & Grete Froestad

1. Fit In
2. Wonder What It Takes (To Take Your Girlfriend Home)
3. Superglue Kiss
4. Radio In A Song
5. I’ll Be Dining Here Again
6. Plan A
7. Surfing On The Sun
8. I’ve Fallen In Love With Somebody Else
9. Somewhere Down The Road You’ll Listen

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