A Train (1978)

Apparently this isn’t the only album that these guys released, although I suspect its their best because I’ve never seen anything else by them and I know that this one was re-released in 2011 (I think). It’s great jazz funk, part instrumental, part vocal, both of which they do excellently.

I’m afraid that I can’t tell you much more about this one. Just enjoy it.


Producer: George Clinton & Joe Spivey

Buddy Flett: Guitar & Vocals
Bruce Flett: Bass & Harmonies
Alan Tooraen: Drums
John Howe: Alto Tenor, Soprano Saxes, Flute & Lead vocals
Chris McCoa: Fender Rhodes, Piano, Omni, Mini Moog & Harmonies
Michael Johnson: Congas & Percussion
Joe Spivey: Fiddle
David Egan: Mystery Vocals

1. Time Stops
2. Trip On Your Lip
3. Baby Please
4. When I Call Your Name
5. I Don’t Want To Lose You
6. When Did You Lose Your Love For Me
7. Color of Your Hair
8. Puerto Rican Hotel

Support the artist and Buy It (if you can find it anywhere to buy)


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