Byrne & Barnes: An Eye For An Eye (1981)

Everyone knows this one, so it requires no introduction from me, but I’ve loaded it here for my man Lakis Bar Bar. Apparently, when Ed Motta found a copy of this on vinyl in Japan, he nearly cried. That’s how important it is. This is the later, reissued version.


Robert Bryne: lead vocals, backing vocals, guitars
John Willis: guitars
Jerry Wallace: guitars
Brandon Barnes: synthesizer, bass, backing vocals, drums
Randy McCormick: synthesizer
Lenny LeBlanc: bass
Roger Clark: drums
Milton Sledge: drums
Mickey Buckins: percussion
Jim Horn: sax
Buddy Barnes: trumpet
Herthey Reeves: backing vocals
Clayton Ivey: piano and organ

1. An Eye For An Eye
2. Standby Lover
3. Crack The Whip
4. Keep On Running
5. One More Try For Love
6. Never Gonna Stop Lovin’ You
7. Love You Out Of Your Mind
8. I’ll Try A Little Everyday For You
9. Making Love For The First Time
10. Be My Baby
11. Right Through The Heart
12. That’s The Way She Goes
13. Who’s That Look In Your Eye

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One thought on “Byrne & Barnes: An Eye For An Eye (1981)

  1. soullakis May 9, 2015 / 7:11 pm

    Thank you very much for this, Jimbo! This is a wonderful album!


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