Chris Montan: Any Minute Now (1980)

What really got me hooked onto this album was the song “This Could Be The Night”, with backing vocals by Karla Bonoff and Andrew Gold. So, once I got into that number I really started to listen to the other tracks. At first I thought they were all a bit lightweight as they are all ballads, but belive me once they get under your skin they leave a stinking great hooks in you that keep drawing you back to the album. There is not a single filler on this album.

Google Chris Montan now and you will find out that this was his only album (pity) and that he now works for Disney as a soundtrack producer. Maybe he’ll bring another album out one day.


Producer: Evan Archerd

Bass: Brad Palmer, Max Bennett, Scott Chambers
Drums: Beau Segal, John Guerin
Guitar: Amos Garrett, Dean Parks, Max Goldenberg
Keyboards: Doug Livingston
Backing Vocals: Andrew Gold, Arno Lucas, Karla Bonoff, Lauren Wood, Penny Nichols

1. Is This The Way Of Love
2. Any Minute Now
3. Empty Bed Blues
4. Let’s Pick It Up (Where We Left Off)
5. This Could Be The Night
6. Doesn’t Mean Much To Me
7. All Night With Me
8. Ann
9. Intentions
10. Everyday I’m Gonna Love You More

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