Breathe: All That Jazz (1988)

I have a soft spot for this type of sparkly AOR/Blue Eyed Soul that was being pumped out by us Brits in the Eighties. A lot of the bands like Living In A Box, Johnny Hates Jazz, Danny Wilson, etc made quite a splash in the U.S.

This album, along with their only other album, the follow-up to this one “Peace of Mind” are very pleasing, this one containing their big hit “Hands To Heaven”. The closest you’ll find to this type of music nowadays would be bands like Rhye or Hurts.


Producers: Paul Staveley O’Duffy, Chris Porter & Bob Sargent

Vocals: David Glasper
Guitars, Keyboards: Marcus Lillngton
Bass: Michael Delahunty
Drums, Percussion: Ian “Spike” Spice

1. Jonah
2. All That Jazz
3. Monday Morning Blues
4. Hands to Heaven
5. All This I Should Have Known
6. Don’t Tell Me Lies
7. Any Trick
8. Liberties of Love
9. Won’t You Come Back?
10. For Love or Money
11. How Can I Fall?


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