Alpha Centauri: 20:33 (1980)

Alpha Centauri was a Danish group who played soft Jazz/fusion. It seems that they only made this one album, entitled ’20:33′. I stumbled across them and immediately fell in love with their brand of smoothness. They sound not unlike two other Danish jazz/fusion groups Kamæleon and Entrance and not a million miles away from Pat Metheny. It is pure instrumental Jazz fusion of the highest order, so smooth that you could put it in a nappy and call it a baby’s arse!!

Alpha Centauri

Producer: Nils Henriksen

Bass: Bo Stief
Drums: Ole Theill
Guitar: Bjarne Roupe
Keyboards: Jørgen Emborg
Trumpet: Palle Mikkelborg

1. Sangris
2. Ten Minutes Later
3. Sirius
4. Tivoli
5. 3rd Kind
6. 20:33
7. Yellow Girl
8. Majdag

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