Archie James Cavanaugh: Black and White Raven (1980)

I confess that sometimes I will give an album a listen just because I like the cover and I find myself pleasantly surprised by the quality of the music (or not, as the case may be). This album was not one of those! Frankly the cover art put me off for a time. I don’t know what I thought the music was going to be like, but what you get is a the type of Blue Eyed Soul that the likes of Bill LaBounty and Boz Scaggs were putting out at the time. Well worth your time…. Archie James Cavanaugh Producer: Tony Bellamy Musicians: Guitars: Tony Bellamy, Dave Perry, John Morton Bass: Tag Henning Keyboards: Kenny Day, Dave Perry Drums: Pete Depoe, Charley Lee Percussion: Tony Bellamy, Pete Depoe, Michael Spiro, Dave Perry Sax: Jim Pepper, Grant Reeves, Mitchell Riley Trombone: Mark Williams Trumpet: Don Smith Background Vocals: Carnie Emestim, Sammi Baker, Kenny Day, Tony Bellamy, Pete Depoe, Bob Keller, Billy Reed Tracks: 1. Take it easy 2. Make me believe 3. Just being friends 4. It’s your love 5. Light unto the world 6. Foolin’ 7. Living without you 8. Jail cell door 9. High rise 10. Stay with me

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