BrownSmith 1975

After discovering Don Brown’s two albums through AOR Disco, DJ Supermarkt’s magnificent ‘Too Slow To Disco‘ compilation and Grapher’s (R.I.P) ‘Rock Archeologia‘ blog, I was inspired to find out more about the man that seemed to be able to swap between genres (sometimes in the same song) and still make an album sound cohesive and exciting. Needless to say I was excited to find out that he had produced an album with Garrett Smith in 1975 for the Capitol label. The album features some seminal musicians and fine selection of folk and jazz influenced soft rock right out of the west coast. Brownsmith Producers: Don Brown and Garrett Smith Musicians: Drums: Chris Leighton, Mike Kindler Bass: Garrett Smith Guitars: Don Brown, Freddie Salem, Charlie Morgan, Doug Hastings Keyboards: Dave Jackson, Martin Lund, Norman Durkee, Stacy Christianson Percussion: Luis Peralta Horns: Martin Lund, Rod Soderstrom, Paul McCandless Lead Vocals: Don Brown Background Vocals: Don Brown, Garrett Smith, Dee Daniels, Stephanie Janecke, Cheri Adams Tracks: 1. Lightning lady 2. Circus ride 3. Friends of mine 4. Yukon lady 5. July moon 6. Forever 7. Only love 8. Sunrise to sunset 9. Gold and mellow 10. Summer afternoon Support the artist and Buy It


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